Sunday, October 2, 2016

SEC Report Card for Saturday October 1, 2016 Week 5 “Time For One More Play” Edition

Tennessee Grade = A+   Georgia Grade = C                                                                                            

Tennessee 34  Georgia 31
Tennessee was very late with their assignment but they got it in on the buzzer.   This technique is not encouraged by teachers but this time it worked after UGA previously tried the same shaky strategy. The Vols were supposed to romp the Dawgs according to the frustrated post Ole Miss fans of the Red and Black. So now even the final unit grade is unorthodox and surprising.  They get the A+ due to getting it together.  The Dawgs get a C+ for rising to the occasion.  But just like the college freshman who forgot to proofread his paper they turned an A into a very disappointing lesson. The Dawgs forgot to #1 take a sack & safety  for a win (GHS 1976 fans understand this), kickoff deep after their score,  and as Tom Jackson (The old ESPN announcer not the Hilton Head tycoon) always said KNOCK IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas A&M Grade = A                                                                                              South Carolina Grade = B-

Texas A&M  24                                                                                                           South Carolina 13                                                                                                                                                       Texas A&M played solid in a underrated place to play at the fairgrounds in Columbia, S.C.  They delivered on a long SEC road win. The Aggies seem to be setting up a battle with Ole Miss to be the best team in the West not named Bama.  The Gamecocks have had a rough transition with the new staff earlier.  Thinks are getting somewhat better.  They settled on black as their standard uniform.  This is a solid choice that makes since. Some teams look like bumpkins when wearing black especially when it is not their school color.  South Carolina looks good in their current uniforms.  (I said current. Don’t make me go back and take points away after the Georgia game Chickens by wearing something silly, again) They have settled down and are playing ball.  The UGA Dawgs better be prepared for the hottest stadium in October in America.

Kentucky Grade = F                                                                                             Alabama Grade = A

Kentucky 6  Alabama 34  Kentucky did what they could and that is why they might be looking for a new principal at the end of the year.   Or as LSU says “why wait and fight the crowds, act now!”  Bama went through the paces and still excelled.  The teacher thinks they looked past this assignment to Arkansas.

Ole Miss Grade = A-

Memphis 28  
Ole Miss 48   
                                                                                                                                       Ole Miss came off a party hangover from the week before when against Georgia everything worked.  Ole Miss students should understand the hangover strategy very well.  It looked like their strong lead was slipping away against Memphis like it did against Florida State and Alabama.  It does actually look like somebody is learning something in Oxford.

Missouri Grade = F  LSU Grade = B

Missouri 7  
LSU 42 
Missouri looks like they are diving below Vandy, Kentucky and Mississippi State to be the new weakest team in the conference.  This is not the star you want Mizzou Tigers.  The LSU Tigers won by a lot after firing the great Les Miles and replacing him with perennial interim head coach  Ed Ogeron.  LSU what are you thinking?  Interim coach?  This is not a Baptist church but a once respected football club. Your grade will be higher when we can understand what your interim coach is saying.  The teacher says for class enrichment that you provide subtitles or closed captioning.

I thought only head to head contact was harmful permanently in football.  Obviously for Georgia fans just viewing a game can be harmful to your mental health.                                              
Have fun this week.  It is just a game.  Love Jesus and treat others like you do.

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

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