Sunday, October 9, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 6, October, 8, 9 & Infinity or when LSU & Florida can grow up

No debates here.  We will not reschedule.  Here is the article.

Florida 0  LSU 0 and waiting

Florida grade= F- LSU grade= F-                                                                                                            An old football coach friend once said “There is way too much sissy out there on the field.”   Actually these two darlings refused to take the field.                                                                  I agree with the old coach.  Play the game!!!

Auburn grade = C  Mississippi State grade =  F-

Auburn 38 Mississippi State 14
Dead man walking beats dead man.  One more time the Gus Bus offense of Auburn’s head coach Gus Malzahn rolled.  It was over the football corpse of Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen.                              Or, as many say  “The School at The Bottem Of The SEC EAST.”

Tennessee grade = B  Texas A&M grade = A

Tennessee 38  Texas A&M 45 
As much as I love to yell  after a UT loss“You just got Butch slapped” Tennessee is pretty good. Except from some chicanery from the Florida AD cancelling games and affecting the standings they should win the SEC EAST

Vanderbilt grade = F Kentucky grade = C

Vanderbilt 13  Kentucky 20
Be truthful.  Did you really know the game was played or the score?

Alabama grade = A+  Arkansas grade = C

Alabma 49  Arkansas 30
It is Halloween and Nick “Satan”  Saban is pranking schools and letting them briefly think they can beat Bama.  Jeremy Pruitt the Alabama defensive coordinator is tired of it.  He even yelled at Saban like the old man stopping the bag of dog poo lit on fire and left on his front porch.

Georgia grade = B-  South Carolina grade = C-

Georgia 28  South Carolina 14

It sounds like reading the rushing statistics for Georgia that Vince Dooley was back to calling plays. Georgia rolled like days of old as three running backs Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and freshman Brian Herrien rushed for 355 yards.  The offense also had a Dooly like 29 passing yards.The defense almost shut out South Carolina.  The bad news is the Dawgs tried to pass and could not with a tough day from the freshman QB.  The young Pups won an SEC game on the road.  Good for them but they GATA get better.

Enjoy Columbus Day off. Trust Jesus not a political party to save us. If you claim an "interest in the Savior's blood" live like it.  Have fun.

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

This Columbus Day issue is dedicated to one of the greatest early college football players of all time.  In my opinion Jim Thorpe is the all-time world's greatest athlete due to his Olympic medals won, pro baseball, college and pro football career.  He is just an  AWESOME American hero. Read more about him at

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