Friday, December 26, 2014

The Fake War On Christmas (and the war people are ignorant of)

The Fake War On Christmas (and the war people are ignorant of)

The war on Christmas is over.
In fact there never really was one.

Few really are bothered by “Santa Baby” sliding down their chimney tonight.
Certainly not non-believers in the Savior who having sung songs about “The Savior’s” birth have and made millions of on Christmas.
They do not know who “The Savior” is or what He saves from but the royalty checks cash. Maybe that is why some think there is a war on Christmas.

From the days of Bing Crosby movies like White Christmas the subject of “The Savior” has been artfully avoided.  Maybe that is why some think there is a war on Christmas.

I am all for Santa fun and the spirit of generosity taken from the history of Saint Nicholas.  Sometimes Santa stuff is stupid.
Maybe that is why some think there is a war on Christmas.

Jesus (meaning Savior) Christ (his title as the Anointed One) or Jesus of Nazareth has always been left out of society.  It is well stated that at times in English and early American history that the revelry of Christmas has at times been outlawed due to the wild partying that alarmed society.  Maybe that is why some think there is a war on Christmas.

Thousands of hours of many Christmas specials have been made without covering the topic of this salvation subject concerning the Savior's birth celebrated at Christmas.  Maybe that is why some think there is a war on Christmas.

Rare is the Savior exalting Christmas film like “It’s A Wonderful Life” in which you can hear at the climax the Charles Wesley hymn about “God and sinners reconciled.”

And yes you have some new to the secularizing of society people having a tantrum about hearing Merry Christmas and having to be escorted off a plane.  Maybe that is why people think there is a war on Christmas.

Being rude to Christians is not exactly King Herod material.  It is not a policy of genocide against male infants to kill a perceived political rival to keep Christ off the planet.

There is no war on Christmas.
I repeat - there is no war on Earth on Christmas.
2,000 years ago Herod tried to murder the baby Jesus.
The Old Testament prophecy of the coming Jewish Savior led to persecution of the Jewish people – His people.

There is no war on Christmas.
There is a war.
The war is a rebellion led by the people He came to save.
The war is waged against those who talk about our great sin and the only solution -

There was a war against the celebrated infant.
Secular society and the evil one really like this war covered up.
No war on Christmas - just Christ and His message.

He said "it finished."
He laid down His life at the murderers feet (us).
Jesus Christ said in  Matthew 20:28
"... to give His life a ransom for many.”
The Savior was resurrected and now rules.

The Christmas Babe was slaughtered like a Lamb.
Just as John The Baptist said at seeing Jesus Christ-
"behold the lamb of God who takes wawy the sin of the world."

Why was the baby slaughtered?
Look in the mirror.  

Why was there a war?
For you and me and those who revile His name.
Jesus Christ paid our price of sin so you could be forgiven, know the love of His Father and have peace with God and eternal life.

Pray, turn from sin and to the Savior.

Go celebrate.
Tell folks the war is over.
The baby won.

Monday, December 22, 2014

3Things About Christmas The Christmas Babe a poem by Fletcher Law

3 Things 
The Christmas Babe 

3 Kings presented alms to the Babe we are told
Because it is written there were 3 gifts;
Gold, Frankincense and myrrh; representing His life, death and return.

The Babe 
lowly meek and mild
left the world on a row of three crosses;

3 men were on the 3 crosses.
The 1 was the Babe and He was covered in 3 things;
My sin, infirmity and desertion.

The Babe left the world with
3 words; 
"It Is finished".

We received 3 gifts from
His life, death and Resurrection.
Forgiveness of sin, fellowship with the Father, eternal life in Glory.

1 of the 3 on the row of crosses
went to 3 places; with a horrible final destination
death, the grave then hell.

1 of the 3 went to
3 places with a undeserved final destination;
Death, the grave and then to Paradise.

The 1 Babe of Christmas who was on the cross went to
3 different places;
death, a tomb and to a throne in Glory seated at the right hand of His Father.

After His Resurrection He was seen doing
3 things on Earth;
Fellowshipping, eating, forgiving.

The 1 Babe ascended into Heaven
 for 3 things;
To be glorified, rule and prepare to return.

The Babe will judge 
us all on 3 things; 
Faith, Hope and Love.

The 1 Babe is part of 3 The Father,Son and Holy Ghost.
The 1 Babe is the same in 3 ways;
Yesterday, Today and forever.

You need 3 things 
from this King.
Forgiveness of sins, peace with God and eternal Kingdom life.

Seek them in humbleness,
and with assurance He hears you.

Merry Christmas Friends.
In Christ Alone!
Fletcher Law 2011

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Dear readers.  It is the end of the semester and final grades are in.  I know we are not supposed to show everyone’s grade as we are taught in school to not embarrass the under achievers.
Consider this not a COMMON CORE report.

In the Spirit of peace and love forget about the Middle East, police relations and the economy.
Concentrate on something that is always brings harmonious glee to the masses SEC FOOTBALL.

These assessments are scientific ally calculated so there fore correct.
Therefore there is probably no reason to reply as this is what they call

A  plus
University of Alabama  Tuscaloosa, Alabama  founded 1831 mascot Crimson Tide  SEC entry 1932
Ole Miss beat you.  This changed nothing.  I knew you would be win the SEC WEST anyway and Ole Miss would finish at 8-4 (except Ole Miss beat the school beneath them in the Magnolia State to go 9-3)
Gainesville High School Red Elephant alum Blake Simms should be a Heisman candidate but he is not.

B plus
Ole Miss ,  The University of Mississippi Oxford, MS   founded 1848, mascot  Rebels, SEC entry 1932
Ole Miss came from the bottom – to the middle- to the top third of the conference.
They beat #1 Bama and the for many weeks this season  falsely touted #1 team, Mississippi State with a faux Heisman leader .  They lost to a tough LSU team in the road, had a heart and leg breaking loss to Auburn at home and a weird loss to a mediocre Arkansas team.  Hugh Freeze thinks the Ole Miss job is better than the Florida Gator job.  “No way” you lost in the past might say.  Wins and dollars scientifically prove this.

University of Georgia     Athens, Georgia                              1785        35,520   Bulldogs               1932
Could have, should have and did not.  Unfortunately they lived down to and lost to Georgia Tech who labels the Dawgs “Next Year’s National Champs” every year.
Why are they this high?  The Dawgs beat down Missouri and Auburn in their roller coaster season that has many fans sick and considering who is driving in the future.

Auburn University Auburn, Alabama   founded  1856   mascot Tigers(one of many)    SEC entry    1932
Auburn University (not THE UNIVERSITY OF AUBURN as Pat Dye and Bo used to say) was the most dangerous team to play.  They were expected to be 8-4 and had people thinking playoff before they ran out of steam.  From a theological perspective it is believed that the real NCAA commissioner B.L. Zebub called in his contract against LSU for Malzon and their QB and the horseshoe had to be returned.  For a more technical explanation watch Damn Yankees.  No body want to play this offense.

Mississippi State University         Starkville, MS     founded 1878    mascot Bulldogs               SEC entry 1932
MSU who their daddy “The School Up North” shall be now known as “The School Beneath Us”.
They are why the SEC does not need Texas A&M.  The SEC already has a little brother, maroon wearing team that hired Jackie Sherrill.  The y took Bama’s colors, Memphis States logo, Texas A&M’s jerseys, Georgia’s mascot and the Third Reich’s slogan.  As Bugs Bunny would say they are “real Maroons.”  Their best team in history went 10-2 and lost to big brother.  In the spirit of the holidays as Coach Mullen looks like cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation >  Good luck in the Orange.  Clower Power! To you and yours.

Grade B-
University of Missouri    Columbia, Missouri founded       1839       mascot another Tigers   SEC entry 2012
Missouri for some TV reason joined a conference with no local interest and obviously no desire to support their team in a championship team.  They are average as is a B- grade.  I would rather they be average in the Big Ten as numbers mean nothing up thie whether it be 10-12 or 13 boring teams to watch.

Grade B-
Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana founded 1860               mascot Fighting Tigers  SEC entry 1932
A down year for one of the nation’s great programs of the last ten years.  The Grass Eater took Wisconsin and Ole Miss down.   Bigger corn dogs ahead for The Hat.  (Love him)

C plus
Texas A&M University   College Station, Texas    founded 1876    mascot Aggies   SEC entry 2012
For no good reason except for your quest for the Cotton Bowl gets easier as a middle of the pack SEC West team compared to being a middle of the pack Big 12 team.  You had your greatest player ever and went 8-4 last year to beat Duke in a bowl.  For your future in the SEC please referee to the short book “The football Glory of Mississippi State”.  It’s a short read.

University of South Carolina   Columbia, S.C.  founded 1801          mascot nasty  SEC entry                1991
You beat Georgia.  Keep saying that.  Clemson beat you.  The visor is sagging.  The Chicken curse has been dormant but it is still in your system.

University of Tennessee               Knoxville, Tennessee     1794       Volunteers         SEC entry  1932
The only thing that has improved on Rocky Top besides the awesome new rap music they play is almost as enjoyable as Rocky Top 1,000 times in one game.  The only change here is that Butch has a better PR man than Dooley.  The same stuff keeps happening.  6-6 and the anticipation of the Belk or Music City Bowl or Birmingham.

University of Arkansas   Fayetteville, Arkansas    1871                       Razorbacks         SEC entry 1991
Bringing a taste of the Big Ten to the SEC.  Why? 

University of Kentucky  Lexington, Kentucky       founded 1865                    Wildcats               SEC entry 1932
Annie the musical is being redone.  That is Kentucky football.  The sun will come out tomorrow or is that the lights in Rupp Arena?

Vanderbilt University     Nashville, Tennessee     founded 1873    mascot Commodores     entry 1932
As Dennis Green said in a NFL press conference and a beer commercial-
“They are who we thought they were.” You are Vandy.

University of Florida       Gainesville, Florida          1853      Gators  1932
Your Florida.  What in the Tebow happened to you?