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SEC REPORT CARD week 4 September 24, 2016 "Les Miles Memorial Edition"

Alabama Grade A++

Kent State 0 Alabama 41
Who is buried in Grant’s tomb? 
Who is going to win the Bama game this weekend?                 
Yes, to answer the teacher, tests can be too easy.

Ole Miss Grade  A+
Georgia Grade F

Georgia 14  Ole Miss 45
Ole Miss had to have this game to keep any chances of high expectations for the remainder of this season.  The Dawgs perhaps were thinking about their Tennessee revenge game the following week.  Ole Miss showed off their great wide receiver corps and how a dual threat QB can’t be stopped.  Dawgs can play their way back into the East top shelf.  This game has die-hard Dawg fans asking “can they?”
UGA-Offensive Line = F.  Wide Receivers = F. Placekicking = F
This is the game Kirby will have been seen as taking Georgia from the ashes back then at Ole Miss to the top or when they started saying who will be the next coach. No honeymoon time in Athens.

Florida Grade C
Tennessee Grade A+

Florida 28  Tennessee 38
The Gators have been quiet and were looking to sneak back to the top of the SEC East.  Butch Jones looks like he has Tennessee over the hump.  Next week is a Georgia revenge game.  Can the Vols stay at the head of the East class?

Mississippi State Grade = B

Mississippi State 47  UMASS  35
Dan Mullen, you won against a lower division opponent, barely.  The good news is the fans are patient  as is the Athletic Department.  The bad news is Les Miles is unemployed and things change quickly.

Missouri Grade = A

Delaware 0  Missouri 79
Let’s face it; this is what should happen in match-ups like this. 

Vanderbilt Grade = A

Vanderbilt 31  Western Kentucky 30
Vandy made a comeback against a good team on the road.  This was against a lesser-known but good opponent.

LSU Grade = 0- for crazyness  (if I can score that on my Coach Mac slide rule)
Auburn = C

LSU 13 Auburn 18
Does LSU think Ed Ogeron is really a better head coach than Les Miles?
Aubie do not complain about your C-.  You remind me of  myself in high school chemistry as I barely passed except for a good lab partner.  Like myself in chemistry you, the War Eagle/Tigers, benefitted by just sitting there and doing nothing.

South Carolina Grade = F
Kentucky Grade = B

South Carolina 10  Kentucky 17
Oh how the mediocre have fallen.

Arkansas Grade = C
Texas A&M Grade = A+ (extra credit for the 4th quarter)

Arkansas 24  Texas A&M  45
The teacher expected these two grades to be reversed before the match.  I thought the Pigs would bully the Aggies with their physical play.  I thought the moral at A&M was too poor to rally like this.  This is why you have quizzes so we can define reality.

Play hard, fair and square.  If you claim Christ as Savior lets do all we can to live like Christians  and also encourage others.   It’s just a game but thank you Lord for football!!!

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

P.S. This week's edition is dedicated to a coach for men.  Les Miles. You made football exciting, motivating and fun.  Not all understand your ways.  Your players did.  They balled out for you.  Hope to see you again on the gridiron.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 3 Saturday September 17, 2016 graded

Tennessee Grade B+

Ohio 19 Tennessee 28

The Big Orange have had a Athletic Directors nightmare this year.  The tune up teams they scheduled are good teams.  UT won against a good App State and Ohio University this year between SEC games.  UT rises to the head of the SEC East class if they beat Florida next week.

Vanderbilt Grade F

Vanderbilt  7 Georgia Tech 38

Vandy got trucked by a hard to figure GT team.  Tech looks to be from the 4th-the 6th best team in the ACC.  We cannot be anything  but concerned that the Vandy Einstein’s might need to do what they have never done - drop a class.  Ooops they can’t.   It’s football PE to the Big Bang guys.  Vandy might have passed on their last chance at victory for the year.

Alabama Grade A+                                                                                                             Ole Miss Incomplete grade

Alabama 48  Ole Miss 43

Alabama wins in a variety of ways with a variety of of 5 star players.  Their pressure is excellence every week.  This is expected and required by fans and Saban.  Ole Miss’s like Meat Loaf can sing “2 outa 3 Aint’t Bad”.   The Rebs have been given an incomplete as they have played Florida State, Wofford, Alabama and next week Georgia.  The Rebs are in the top 25 still because of respect for their schedule.  The Rebs will get a summative score after the play UGA.  They could be called the #1 first quarter team in America.  You have to finish the whole syllabus Rebs to get on the honor roll.

South Carolina Grade B

East Carolina 15  South Carolina 20

South Carolina is looking for the right look in uniforms.  After much critiques of the first 2 weeks the all black is their best look so far.  A win steadies the Gamecocks out after a 3 game start with the new coach.

Kentucky Grade A-

New Mexico State 42  Kentucky 62

The Cats got it done like an SEC team should against a mid-level non-conference team.  

Texas A&M Grade A-                                                                                                       Auburn Grade C-

Texas A&M 29  Auburn 16

Auburn and the Aggies both needed this win.  Both teams might have new coaches next year.  The Auburn defense is better than last year.  The problem for Auburn’s Malzahn is that he is an offensive coach.  The offense is getting worse.  His previous point scoring  is why he has a big time job - for now.

Florida Grade  A-

North Texas 0   Florida 32

Florida is not flashy but steady.  They will be the mid-season valedictorians if they whip UT again. This is another hard to grade game to see what it tells us.

Arkansas Grade A-

Texas State 3 Arkansas 42

Arkansas like their coach is thinking big.  It is hard to grade this game.

Georgia GradeB+                                                                                                              Missouri Grade B-

Georgia 28  Missouri 27

This game was about 2 mediocre teams trying to get to the next level in the SEC East.  UGA by some opinions was fortunate to win.  The optimistic view about the Dawgs  is Jacob Eason got the team turning upwards  to the top of the SEC East play with firing the winning TD to Isaiah McKenzie.  Kirby Smart earns 2 stars.  One for calling time outs early to save time on the clock for the offense to win.  The second star is for is better using Isaiah McKenzie.  I don’t think it takes a Vandy Einstein  to simply get that player the ball ASAP and a lot.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 2 – 9/10/16

Georgia  C-
Nicholls 24  Georgia 26

The Nicholls Colonels came to Athens Saturday and were not impressed by “The Hedges”, the B-52s or chili dogs at The Varsity, Chubb or Jacob Eason.   This little known  school with, a cast partially supplied from the Netlix documentary Last Chance U, did all but beat UGA.   Is this a learning experience for the Dawgs or a sample of what is to come.  Better hit tutorials before going to Columbia, Missouri next week.

Teaxas A&M  B
Prarie  View A&M 0  Texas A&M 67

The score is impressive but about the schedule.  Come on man.  Fans should be let in free for these type of games.

Kentucky F         Florida A+
Kentucky 7  Florida 45

Thirty years in a row for UF over Kentucky in football!  The Cats would not tolerate 3 losses in roundball.  Florida’s grade is going up.  They are not flashy but the teacher likes consistency
Kentucky 7  Florida 45

Ole Miss B
Wofford 13 Ole Miss 38

All I can tell you is that everyone enjoyed Oxford again.

Vanderbilt  A
Middle Tennessee 24  Vanderbilt 47

Coach Derek Mason is solid.  Vandy won a game strongly that similar games have been a loss or struggle in the past.

South Carolina D  Mississippi State B
South Carolina 14  Mississippi State 27

South Carolina played the mystery uniform game again.  The USC Gamecocks looked just like the Jacksonville State Gamecocks in their uniform selection.  MSU won a valuable conference win after a week after  one of their biggest one disappointments in years.

Arkansas A+
Arkansas 41 TCU 38

Coach Bret Bielema led the Hogs to a big win in a early non-conference game that has changed my perception of them.  It was a great win for the SEC also.  Soooie or whatever it was Dr. Rich Brown was squealing Saturday night.

Auburn A
Arkansas State  14- Auburn 51

Coach Gus Malzon beat a tough and underrated program against Arkansas State.  I like his offense.  I like ketchup on baloney sandwiches to.  So?  The alums are still impatient with this program.

Jacksonville State 13 LSU 34

LSU  improved their offense.  They will play hard and compete if the administration does not crash them from here on out.

Missouri A-
Eastern Michigan 21   Missouri 61

It is hard to evaluate this grade with this unknown opponent.

Tennessee A+
Virginia Tech  24 Tennessee 45

Tennessee rose to the occasion.  At times they were explosive.  I do not think that changes them to head of the SEC East yet.  Virginia Tech in reality is a 500 program today.

Dear NFL Millionaire Protesters: An Open Letter

                                       Sunday September 11, 2016

Congratulations all on your great accomplishments of achieving what many believe is part of the American Dream; elite athletic achievement, great financial wealth, and fame.  You were given unique opportunities by this country and with talent and hard work today you play in the exclusive National Football League.  
A few players have decided to “sit down” in protest during our national anthem.  The reason for this protest  it has been said is that the U.S.A is not a perfect county.  Please reference the great country with personal freedoms you are referring and contrasting us to.  Discrimination against   “People of color” is the root cause I understand.  I would like to ask one question.  Who is not a person of color?  The great Fred G. Samford from the sitcom Samford and Son once answered the police about an alleged perpetrator if the suspect was was “colored”?  Fred said “Yep” “They were colored white.”  Don’t we all have a color?

NFL players have clout in their local communities.  Our nearby Atlanta Falcons have performed many community activities and raised money for charities.  Why?  They know their voice will be heard. Horrors and public calamity happened last summer in Missouri, Maryland, Chicago , Dallas and Baton Rouge and other places, I have a question for you NFL millionaire protesters. Where were you?  We needed a voice to lead people to unite then and there.

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement citizens and many Christian clergy were abused in restaurants and in sit-ins, had their heads split open, and had police dogs and fire hoses unleashed on them. One great hero who suffered many physical wounds was Georgian John Lewis.  We all know Martin Luther King Jr. was willing and did pay the ultimate price with his life.   In comparison some of you NFL millionaires decided that during games nationally televised and paid for by mere citizens of all colors that this was the appropriate place to protest a hazy message.  Millionaire NFL protesters have done this with the luxuries  of air conditioned locker rooms, personal security and trainers and on a televised event paid for by all people of color.  Many Americans see this as showing the NFL millionaires backside to the flag of the country that granted them this freedom to do so.   Your bottom line message was lost because of rudeness and disdain for certain others.   Admit it, you millionaires have a nice work place environment.  Griping without giving a solution is a non-productive thing I have learned.  Just what could you do for “people of color” to unite and uplift them? (and we all have a color.)   I have a suggestion.

Come to Good News at Noon in Gainesville, GA and learn about Mr. Gene Beckstein.  He passed away at age 93 this summer. He had a Jewish last name, was a poor Catholic later tuned Baptist from  the New York projects, was homeless, his brother died homeless, he was a WW2 vet and despite his struggle Jesus Christ changed his life.  Mr “B” protested poverty, ignorance, bad life circumstances by becoming a teacher, and starting a food ministry, children’s ministry, clothing ministry and what is now a separate medical ministry.
 Good News at Noon Founders Margie and Gene Beckstein
 He used his retirement and sold a lake home to move to the projects and set up his ministry between government housing and a chicken processing plant. He was biased of course – it was all about his Savior Jesus Christ. The mercy Mr. B received he poured it all out to all as the old children’s song says “Jesus loves the little children - All the children of the world -  Red and yellow,black & white they're precious in his sight -  Jesus loves the little children of the world”. You know –ALL THE PEOPLE of EVERY COLOR!

The front and back of Mr. Beckstein's shirt - They lived it

You can make a difference for all. Isaiah 58:10 New International Version (NIV) “and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”

What if you hate the ones who hurt you? Matthew 5:44 “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”  Then they become friends.  Jesus had no slaves on earth like Muhammad owned.  He never killed anyone on earth as other religious figures have.  He gave forgiveness and life to all people.

Do we and other Christian ministries still serve in this imperfect country? Yes. Today on 9/11 Sunday at Good News at Noon 2016 - We celebrated our freedom of religion by serving great food to atheists, people born in other faiths, Christians and seekers. We preached faith in Christ Alone! No NFL millionaires or regular folks have protested our actions yet.  They are free to join us.  What a Country! One country under God. We are free to serve Him in love, or not.

Learn more about Good News at Noon (GN@N 979 Davis Street, mail to PO BOX 1577, Gainesville,GA 30501,, Facebook-Good News At Noon Ministry)

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law
Good News at Noon

979 Davis Street
Gainesville, GA 30501
Facebook: Good News At Noon Ministry

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SEC Report Card Labor Day Weekend 2016

                                    SEC Report Card Labor Day Weekend 2016

Tennessee Weekly Grade = C
Tennessee 20 Appalachian State 13 Thursday 9/1/16   

Appalachian State almost beat Tennessee, another good team, in overtime. The perception is by the UT fan base is that they are a CFB payoff team.  No, Tennessee is a good 3-4 loss team.  Appalachian State is a good team that will again go bowling.

South Carolina  = C     Vanderbilt =  C-                                                                          South Carolina  13 at Vanderbilt 0           9/3/16  
Vanderbilt played well and missed a chance to be atop of the SEC standings going into October.  Vandy broke out the crisp white and black Anchor Down unis.  South Carolina looked liked they broke out some retro early 1970’s era high school unis.  Will Muschamp is highly regarded as a defensive coach.  He is going to have to justify and show why he has become a millionaire being a head coach without the big winning results SEC teams expect.   Vandy plays A level defense.  The offense is the big missing piece for Coach Derek Mason.

Mississippi State  Weekly Grade= F
South Alabama 21 Mississippi State 20  9/3/16                                                                                                               
Bama alum Joey Jones took a South Alabama program that began in 20009 and beat Mississippi State a SEC  competitive member.  Dan Mullen began his head coaching career at Mississippi State in 2008 a year before South Alabama started to play in 2009.  In the South it matters how you treat people.  Mullen took a player in who was a 5 star recruit and was videoed and later arrested for beating a woman.  He consistently refuses on purpose to say his in state rivals name The University of Mississippi or “Ole Miss”.   He chooses to go full Yankee and call them “The School up North”.  He further divides needlessly the feeling of the people of these two great schools.  All I can say to Coach Mullen is that “you're not from around here”  and will not be much longer if you treat people wrong and do not win.

Missouri Grade = F
Missouri 11  West Virginia 26 9/3/16

Missouri broke out uniforms that were hard to recognize as to who wore them.  This proves they do not understand the concept of uniforms.   Bringing Mizzou into the SEC 3 years ago Coach Picknel came in strong and geared up for his entry into the SEC East by winning it twice.  Grade F for the conference putting them in the East.  Does the conference understand the importance of rivalries, fan travel and all things that make the SEC great?  Now we are getting the Missouri we thought we would get.  No interest games to the fan base plus a hard to get to location that will render Missouri unimportant in the SEC for the immediate future to other SEC fans.  The conference did not help them.

Texas A&M Grade = B+
UCLA 24 Texas A&M 31   9/3/16

My preseason prediction, because of the demands of Aggie fan,s was that Coach Kevin Sumlin would leave or be asked to be excused after the season.  Texas A&M  and its spending on football makes them assume they have a level of status in the SEC they have not achieved yet.  You better whin now coach.  The Aggie QB situation was in shambles with many transfers out of College Station.  The Aggies received a  transfer into College Station Trevor Knight.   Knight has good skills and is regarded as a unifying leader for the club.  UCLA was an equal opponent with similar circumstances.  UCLA also wrongly believes their program is a top 10 club. Good job Aggies.

LSU grade = reality C+, Fans grade = F-
LSU 14  Wisconsin 16         9/3/16

(Admitted bias) I love how Les Miles gets the Tigers to play with tremendous effort every week.  Anybody that wears #18 is a baller and get out of their way.  LSU seems headed to be a good team and not a top 10 team.  Many considered them for the playoff team.  The LSU QB and total offensive play is still not up to standards  for the fans who expect the best.  Wisconsin is good. LSU is good.  To keep Miles the Tigers have to get a potent offense.

Arkansas Grade = C
Louisiana Tech 20 Arkansas 21 9/3/16

Skip Holtz is a good coach for LT.  Arkansas fans yearn for the old days.  The Hogs also think they have arrived.  They are not in the CFB champion city limits.  They are good not great. Coach Bret Bielema will need to accelerate the speed of arrival to keep Hog fans happy and delivering money to the program, and him employed. 

Georgia Grade =A-      
Georgia  33  North Carolina 24  9/3/16

Let me start by saying my new dog will be named Chubb for Georgia legend and inspiration Nick Chub.  222 yards and winning the day in your first day since wrecking your knee severely last October?  You sir are a state of Georgia legend for all people.  Coach Kirby Smart adjusted some boo-boos on the go.  Senior QB Lambert was steady.  Freshman QB Jason Eason got everyone’s blood pumping.  Chubb defied logic and moved the chains. North Carolina is Good.  The Dawgs might now can be thinking things like making a run for the SEC East banner.

Kentucky  Grade = F
Southern Miss 44  Kentucky 35 9/3/16

What do you say about a team that fires its Offensive Coordinator?  Then the OC Shannon Dawson goes to a smaller conference school and hangs 44 on your SEC team for a crushing start to the season?  Jay Hopson is a “for real” head coach for Southern Miss.

Florida   Grade = B-         
UMASS 7  Florida 24 9/3/16

Florida has bored us for years with unremarkable opponents for their openers.  Florida Coach Jim McElwain will get the Gators in position to go to the top when UT falters and if UGA does not maintain their progress. 

Alabama Grade = A++         
 Southern Cal 6  Alabama 52 9/3/16

Bama gets the extra plus for Coach Saban not breaking into a giggling fit on the sideline and during post game interviews.  USC, can you say Donkey Kong?  That is what happened to you.

Auburn Grade = C    
Clemson 19  Auburn 13 9/3/16

Auburn opened against what many feel is a certain CFB playoff team in Clemson. Auburn faced the best player in college football Deshaun Watson.  Auburn and Coach Gus Malzahn have an uncertain feeling on how his up and down career at Auburn will proceed. This was a better start than most predicted against the toughest opener in the SEC besides Ole Miss and FSU in Orlando.

Ole Miss  grade = Incomplete  

Ole Miss at Florida State (Orlando) 9/5/16 Labor Day
Ole Miss opens up Labor Day night in what is called a neutral site in Orlando.  Their grade does not matter.  Ole Miss will be in the top 5 or out of the top 25 after the first 4 games.  Florida State, Woffford, Bama, Georgia.  By October first we will know the Rebels exact grade.

Send your comments.  Remember it’s a game and we are friends in your comments.
 Lift Jesus Up!  Fletcher Law