Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dear NFL Millionaire Protesters: An Open Letter

                                       Sunday September 11, 2016

Congratulations all on your great accomplishments of achieving what many believe is part of the American Dream; elite athletic achievement, great financial wealth, and fame.  You were given unique opportunities by this country and with talent and hard work today you play in the exclusive National Football League.  
A few players have decided to “sit down” in protest during our national anthem.  The reason for this protest  it has been said is that the U.S.A is not a perfect county.  Please reference the great country with personal freedoms you are referring and contrasting us to.  Discrimination against   “People of color” is the root cause I understand.  I would like to ask one question.  Who is not a person of color?  The great Fred G. Samford from the sitcom Samford and Son once answered the police about an alleged perpetrator if the suspect was was “colored”?  Fred said “Yep” “They were colored white.”  Don’t we all have a color?

NFL players have clout in their local communities.  Our nearby Atlanta Falcons have performed many community activities and raised money for charities.  Why?  They know their voice will be heard. Horrors and public calamity happened last summer in Missouri, Maryland, Chicago , Dallas and Baton Rouge and other places, I have a question for you NFL millionaire protesters. Where were you?  We needed a voice to lead people to unite then and there.

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement citizens and many Christian clergy were abused in restaurants and in sit-ins, had their heads split open, and had police dogs and fire hoses unleashed on them. One great hero who suffered many physical wounds was Georgian John Lewis.  We all know Martin Luther King Jr. was willing and did pay the ultimate price with his life.   In comparison some of you NFL millionaires decided that during games nationally televised and paid for by mere citizens of all colors that this was the appropriate place to protest a hazy message.  Millionaire NFL protesters have done this with the luxuries  of air conditioned locker rooms, personal security and trainers and on a televised event paid for by all people of color.  Many Americans see this as showing the NFL millionaires backside to the flag of the country that granted them this freedom to do so.   Your bottom line message was lost because of rudeness and disdain for certain others.   Admit it, you millionaires have a nice work place environment.  Griping without giving a solution is a non-productive thing I have learned.  Just what could you do for “people of color” to unite and uplift them? (and we all have a color.)   I have a suggestion.

Come to Good News at Noon in Gainesville, GA and learn about Mr. Gene Beckstein.  He passed away at age 93 this summer. He had a Jewish last name, was a poor Catholic later tuned Baptist from  the New York projects, was homeless, his brother died homeless, he was a WW2 vet and despite his struggle Jesus Christ changed his life.  Mr “B” protested poverty, ignorance, bad life circumstances by becoming a teacher, and starting a food ministry, children’s ministry, clothing ministry and what is now a separate medical ministry.
 Good News at Noon Founders Margie and Gene Beckstein
 He used his retirement and sold a lake home to move to the projects and set up his ministry between government housing and a chicken processing plant. He was biased of course – it was all about his Savior Jesus Christ. The mercy Mr. B received he poured it all out to all as the old children’s song says “Jesus loves the little children - All the children of the world -  Red and yellow,black & white they're precious in his sight -  Jesus loves the little children of the world”. You know –ALL THE PEOPLE of EVERY COLOR!

The front and back of Mr. Beckstein's shirt - They lived it

You can make a difference for all. Isaiah 58:10 New International Version (NIV) “and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”

What if you hate the ones who hurt you? Matthew 5:44 “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”  Then they become friends.  Jesus had no slaves on earth like Muhammad owned.  He never killed anyone on earth as other religious figures have.  He gave forgiveness and life to all people.

Do we and other Christian ministries still serve in this imperfect country? Yes. Today on 9/11 Sunday at Good News at Noon 2016 - We celebrated our freedom of religion by serving great food to atheists, people born in other faiths, Christians and seekers. We preached faith in Christ Alone! No NFL millionaires or regular folks have protested our actions yet.  They are free to join us.  What a Country! One country under God. We are free to serve Him in love, or not.

Learn more about Good News at Noon (GN@N 979 Davis Street, mail to PO BOX 1577, Gainesville,GA 30501,, Facebook-Good News At Noon Ministry)

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law
Good News at Noon

979 Davis Street
Gainesville, GA 30501
Facebook: Good News At Noon Ministry

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