Monday, October 17, 2016

In Season and Out of Season - Share Jesus

I was in Publix tonight. I man calls everyone to listen to his announcement at the register at closing time. A public announcement in Publix. He said "The news won't tell you.Its on the websites. Sir do you know we are this (hand signal) close to nuclear war because of the president?" I try to be patient. I was selfish and thought "Why do we need to pay then?" I should have been caring and turned the conversation to Jesus. We can't pass up opportunities.          
2 Timothy 4:2(NLT) "Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching."

Sunday, October 16, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 7 Mid Terms October 15, 2016: "Someones Got Some Splaining to do!”

Mississippi State Mid-Term grade = C-

Mississippi State 21  BYU 28   Mississippi State     SEC 1-2, all 2-4

Game day grade = C-; Mississippi State is asked what happened?  The SEC West is what happened.  They took on an unusual tough road test on a Friday and almost came through on a huge road win at BYU. 

Vanderbilt 17  Georgia 16
Vanderbilt  SEC 1-3, all  3-4   Mid-term = C-                                                                                                                                                                                   

Vanderbilt Game Day Grade C-; The Vandy nerds crammed for a test and dodged an F with an impressive gutty win that could turn the Commodore ship to above 500 and a bowl. Zach Cunningham, Vandy LB, thank you sir for playing football the SEC way.
Georgia Mid Term grade = C-  SEC 2-3, all  4-3  
Georgia Game Day Grade F;  Luke 12:48  “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” Spiderman and one of the Busch presidents also quoted this.  Trust me the Bible is the source.   Dawg fans are told every year about how great our state high school football talent is.  And it is great. So? To find the problems from Saturday is like grabbing water with one hand.  Hey Nick Saban lost to Louisiana – Monroe in 2007 in his first year at Bama.  Kirby Smart can clean this mess up if given the time and he can handle the high pitched squeals of Dawg fans.  And yes that type of dawg is prevalent here and also starts with a b like bulldog.  

Alabama Mid-Term Grade= A+   SEC 4-0  all 7-0      
Tennessee Mid-Term Grade = B    Tennessee SEC 2-2 all 5-2

Alabama 49  Tennessee 10                           
Bama Game Day Grade =A+   These guys are going to be arrested for child (the rest of the SEC) abuse soon.                                                
Tennessee Game day Grade = C.                                                                                                                                          A once remarkable season is now looking Belk Bowlish.                 

Missouri 14  Florida 40 
Florida  Mid Term- Grade = A-   SEC 3-1  all 5-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Missouri   Mid-Term Grade = F            SEC 0-3 all 2-4
Florida Game Day Grade = A  The Gators are one of  the most boring  good students in class.  Mizzou is the kid in class whose parents never sign report cards or attend parent teacher meetings.

Southern Miss 10  LSU 45
LSU Mid-Term Grade B no C + for firing Les Miles  SEC 2-1 all 4-2

The Tigers lost their Tiger Mike VI who passed away last week.  Les Miles is gone.  They struggled with Southern Miss for too long if they expect to be the A student the fans an Ed Orgeron say they are.  If that is what I think he is saying.  If he can make Colonel Reb cry like he did in Oxford they will be what’s up next for Bama.  Their grade will rise to one LSU fans are convinced it should be.

                                        Salute to Zach Cunningham who plays football the SEC way

Sunday, October 9, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 6, October, 8, 9 & Infinity or when LSU & Florida can grow up

No debates here.  We will not reschedule.  Here is the article.

Florida 0  LSU 0 and waiting

Florida grade= F- LSU grade= F-                                                                                                            An old football coach friend once said “There is way too much sissy out there on the field.”   Actually these two darlings refused to take the field.                                                                  I agree with the old coach.  Play the game!!!

Auburn grade = C  Mississippi State grade =  F-

Auburn 38 Mississippi State 14
Dead man walking beats dead man.  One more time the Gus Bus offense of Auburn’s head coach Gus Malzahn rolled.  It was over the football corpse of Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen.                              Or, as many say  “The School at The Bottem Of The SEC EAST.”

Tennessee grade = B  Texas A&M grade = A

Tennessee 38  Texas A&M 45 
As much as I love to yell  after a UT loss“You just got Butch slapped” Tennessee is pretty good. Except from some chicanery from the Florida AD cancelling games and affecting the standings they should win the SEC EAST

Vanderbilt grade = F Kentucky grade = C

Vanderbilt 13  Kentucky 20
Be truthful.  Did you really know the game was played or the score?

Alabama grade = A+  Arkansas grade = C

Alabma 49  Arkansas 30
It is Halloween and Nick “Satan”  Saban is pranking schools and letting them briefly think they can beat Bama.  Jeremy Pruitt the Alabama defensive coordinator is tired of it.  He even yelled at Saban like the old man stopping the bag of dog poo lit on fire and left on his front porch.

Georgia grade = B-  South Carolina grade = C-

Georgia 28  South Carolina 14

It sounds like reading the rushing statistics for Georgia that Vince Dooley was back to calling plays. Georgia rolled like days of old as three running backs Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and freshman Brian Herrien rushed for 355 yards.  The offense also had a Dooly like 29 passing yards.The defense almost shut out South Carolina.  The bad news is the Dawgs tried to pass and could not with a tough day from the freshman QB.  The young Pups won an SEC game on the road.  Good for them but they GATA get better.

Enjoy Columbus Day off. Trust Jesus not a political party to save us. If you claim an "interest in the Savior's blood" live like it.  Have fun.

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

This Columbus Day issue is dedicated to one of the greatest early college football players of all time.  In my opinion Jim Thorpe is the all-time world's greatest athlete due to his Olympic medals won, pro baseball, college and pro football career.  He is just an  AWESOME American hero. Read more about him at

Sunday, October 2, 2016

SEC Report Card for Saturday October 1, 2016 Week 5 “Time For One More Play” Edition

Tennessee Grade = A+   Georgia Grade = C                                                                                            

Tennessee 34  Georgia 31
Tennessee was very late with their assignment but they got it in on the buzzer.   This technique is not encouraged by teachers but this time it worked after UGA previously tried the same shaky strategy. The Vols were supposed to romp the Dawgs according to the frustrated post Ole Miss fans of the Red and Black. So now even the final unit grade is unorthodox and surprising.  They get the A+ due to getting it together.  The Dawgs get a C+ for rising to the occasion.  But just like the college freshman who forgot to proofread his paper they turned an A into a very disappointing lesson. The Dawgs forgot to #1 take a sack & safety  for a win (GHS 1976 fans understand this), kickoff deep after their score,  and as Tom Jackson (The old ESPN announcer not the Hilton Head tycoon) always said KNOCK IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas A&M Grade = A                                                                                              South Carolina Grade = B-

Texas A&M  24                                                                                                           South Carolina 13                                                                                                                                                       Texas A&M played solid in a underrated place to play at the fairgrounds in Columbia, S.C.  They delivered on a long SEC road win. The Aggies seem to be setting up a battle with Ole Miss to be the best team in the West not named Bama.  The Gamecocks have had a rough transition with the new staff earlier.  Thinks are getting somewhat better.  They settled on black as their standard uniform.  This is a solid choice that makes since. Some teams look like bumpkins when wearing black especially when it is not their school color.  South Carolina looks good in their current uniforms.  (I said current. Don’t make me go back and take points away after the Georgia game Chickens by wearing something silly, again) They have settled down and are playing ball.  The UGA Dawgs better be prepared for the hottest stadium in October in America.

Kentucky Grade = F                                                                                             Alabama Grade = A

Kentucky 6  Alabama 34  Kentucky did what they could and that is why they might be looking for a new principal at the end of the year.   Or as LSU says “why wait and fight the crowds, act now!”  Bama went through the paces and still excelled.  The teacher thinks they looked past this assignment to Arkansas.

Ole Miss Grade = A-

Memphis 28  
Ole Miss 48   
                                                                                                                                       Ole Miss came off a party hangover from the week before when against Georgia everything worked.  Ole Miss students should understand the hangover strategy very well.  It looked like their strong lead was slipping away against Memphis like it did against Florida State and Alabama.  It does actually look like somebody is learning something in Oxford.

Missouri Grade = F  LSU Grade = B

Missouri 7  
LSU 42 
Missouri looks like they are diving below Vandy, Kentucky and Mississippi State to be the new weakest team in the conference.  This is not the star you want Mizzou Tigers.  The LSU Tigers won by a lot after firing the great Les Miles and replacing him with perennial interim head coach  Ed Ogeron.  LSU what are you thinking?  Interim coach?  This is not a Baptist church but a once respected football club. Your grade will be higher when we can understand what your interim coach is saying.  The teacher says for class enrichment that you provide subtitles or closed captioning.

I thought only head to head contact was harmful permanently in football.  Obviously for Georgia fans just viewing a game can be harmful to your mental health.                                              
Have fun this week.  It is just a game.  Love Jesus and treat others like you do.

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

Monday, September 26, 2016

SEC REPORT CARD week 4 September 24, 2016 "Les Miles Memorial Edition"

Alabama Grade A++

Kent State 0 Alabama 41
Who is buried in Grant’s tomb? 
Who is going to win the Bama game this weekend?                 
Yes, to answer the teacher, tests can be too easy.

Ole Miss Grade  A+
Georgia Grade F

Georgia 14  Ole Miss 45
Ole Miss had to have this game to keep any chances of high expectations for the remainder of this season.  The Dawgs perhaps were thinking about their Tennessee revenge game the following week.  Ole Miss showed off their great wide receiver corps and how a dual threat QB can’t be stopped.  Dawgs can play their way back into the East top shelf.  This game has die-hard Dawg fans asking “can they?”
UGA-Offensive Line = F.  Wide Receivers = F. Placekicking = F
This is the game Kirby will have been seen as taking Georgia from the ashes back then at Ole Miss to the top or when they started saying who will be the next coach. No honeymoon time in Athens.

Florida Grade C
Tennessee Grade A+

Florida 28  Tennessee 38
The Gators have been quiet and were looking to sneak back to the top of the SEC East.  Butch Jones looks like he has Tennessee over the hump.  Next week is a Georgia revenge game.  Can the Vols stay at the head of the East class?

Mississippi State Grade = B

Mississippi State 47  UMASS  35
Dan Mullen, you won against a lower division opponent, barely.  The good news is the fans are patient  as is the Athletic Department.  The bad news is Les Miles is unemployed and things change quickly.

Missouri Grade = A

Delaware 0  Missouri 79
Let’s face it; this is what should happen in match-ups like this. 

Vanderbilt Grade = A

Vanderbilt 31  Western Kentucky 30
Vandy made a comeback against a good team on the road.  This was against a lesser-known but good opponent.

LSU Grade = 0- for crazyness  (if I can score that on my Coach Mac slide rule)
Auburn = C

LSU 13 Auburn 18
Does LSU think Ed Ogeron is really a better head coach than Les Miles?
Aubie do not complain about your C-.  You remind me of  myself in high school chemistry as I barely passed except for a good lab partner.  Like myself in chemistry you, the War Eagle/Tigers, benefitted by just sitting there and doing nothing.

South Carolina Grade = F
Kentucky Grade = B

South Carolina 10  Kentucky 17
Oh how the mediocre have fallen.

Arkansas Grade = C
Texas A&M Grade = A+ (extra credit for the 4th quarter)

Arkansas 24  Texas A&M  45
The teacher expected these two grades to be reversed before the match.  I thought the Pigs would bully the Aggies with their physical play.  I thought the moral at A&M was too poor to rally like this.  This is why you have quizzes so we can define reality.

Play hard, fair and square.  If you claim Christ as Savior lets do all we can to live like Christians  and also encourage others.   It’s just a game but thank you Lord for football!!!

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

P.S. This week's edition is dedicated to a coach for men.  Les Miles. You made football exciting, motivating and fun.  Not all understand your ways.  Your players did.  They balled out for you.  Hope to see you again on the gridiron.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 3 Saturday September 17, 2016 graded

Tennessee Grade B+

Ohio 19 Tennessee 28

The Big Orange have had a Athletic Directors nightmare this year.  The tune up teams they scheduled are good teams.  UT won against a good App State and Ohio University this year between SEC games.  UT rises to the head of the SEC East class if they beat Florida next week.

Vanderbilt Grade F

Vanderbilt  7 Georgia Tech 38

Vandy got trucked by a hard to figure GT team.  Tech looks to be from the 4th-the 6th best team in the ACC.  We cannot be anything  but concerned that the Vandy Einstein’s might need to do what they have never done - drop a class.  Ooops they can’t.   It’s football PE to the Big Bang guys.  Vandy might have passed on their last chance at victory for the year.

Alabama Grade A+                                                                                                             Ole Miss Incomplete grade

Alabama 48  Ole Miss 43

Alabama wins in a variety of ways with a variety of of 5 star players.  Their pressure is excellence every week.  This is expected and required by fans and Saban.  Ole Miss’s like Meat Loaf can sing “2 outa 3 Aint’t Bad”.   The Rebs have been given an incomplete as they have played Florida State, Wofford, Alabama and next week Georgia.  The Rebs are in the top 25 still because of respect for their schedule.  The Rebs will get a summative score after the play UGA.  They could be called the #1 first quarter team in America.  You have to finish the whole syllabus Rebs to get on the honor roll.

South Carolina Grade B

East Carolina 15  South Carolina 20

South Carolina is looking for the right look in uniforms.  After much critiques of the first 2 weeks the all black is their best look so far.  A win steadies the Gamecocks out after a 3 game start with the new coach.

Kentucky Grade A-

New Mexico State 42  Kentucky 62

The Cats got it done like an SEC team should against a mid-level non-conference team.  

Texas A&M Grade A-                                                                                                       Auburn Grade C-

Texas A&M 29  Auburn 16

Auburn and the Aggies both needed this win.  Both teams might have new coaches next year.  The Auburn defense is better than last year.  The problem for Auburn’s Malzahn is that he is an offensive coach.  The offense is getting worse.  His previous point scoring  is why he has a big time job - for now.

Florida Grade  A-

North Texas 0   Florida 32

Florida is not flashy but steady.  They will be the mid-season valedictorians if they whip UT again. This is another hard to grade game to see what it tells us.

Arkansas Grade A-

Texas State 3 Arkansas 42

Arkansas like their coach is thinking big.  It is hard to grade this game.

Georgia GradeB+                                                                                                              Missouri Grade B-

Georgia 28  Missouri 27

This game was about 2 mediocre teams trying to get to the next level in the SEC East.  UGA by some opinions was fortunate to win.  The optimistic view about the Dawgs  is Jacob Eason got the team turning upwards  to the top of the SEC East play with firing the winning TD to Isaiah McKenzie.  Kirby Smart earns 2 stars.  One for calling time outs early to save time on the clock for the offense to win.  The second star is for is better using Isaiah McKenzie.  I don’t think it takes a Vandy Einstein  to simply get that player the ball ASAP and a lot.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 2 – 9/10/16

Georgia  C-
Nicholls 24  Georgia 26

The Nicholls Colonels came to Athens Saturday and were not impressed by “The Hedges”, the B-52s or chili dogs at The Varsity, Chubb or Jacob Eason.   This little known  school with, a cast partially supplied from the Netlix documentary Last Chance U, did all but beat UGA.   Is this a learning experience for the Dawgs or a sample of what is to come.  Better hit tutorials before going to Columbia, Missouri next week.

Teaxas A&M  B
Prarie  View A&M 0  Texas A&M 67

The score is impressive but about the schedule.  Come on man.  Fans should be let in free for these type of games.

Kentucky F         Florida A+
Kentucky 7  Florida 45

Thirty years in a row for UF over Kentucky in football!  The Cats would not tolerate 3 losses in roundball.  Florida’s grade is going up.  They are not flashy but the teacher likes consistency
Kentucky 7  Florida 45

Ole Miss B
Wofford 13 Ole Miss 38

All I can tell you is that everyone enjoyed Oxford again.

Vanderbilt  A
Middle Tennessee 24  Vanderbilt 47

Coach Derek Mason is solid.  Vandy won a game strongly that similar games have been a loss or struggle in the past.

South Carolina D  Mississippi State B
South Carolina 14  Mississippi State 27

South Carolina played the mystery uniform game again.  The USC Gamecocks looked just like the Jacksonville State Gamecocks in their uniform selection.  MSU won a valuable conference win after a week after  one of their biggest one disappointments in years.

Arkansas A+
Arkansas 41 TCU 38

Coach Bret Bielema led the Hogs to a big win in a early non-conference game that has changed my perception of them.  It was a great win for the SEC also.  Soooie or whatever it was Dr. Rich Brown was squealing Saturday night.

Auburn A
Arkansas State  14- Auburn 51

Coach Gus Malzon beat a tough and underrated program against Arkansas State.  I like his offense.  I like ketchup on baloney sandwiches to.  So?  The alums are still impatient with this program.

Jacksonville State 13 LSU 34

LSU  improved their offense.  They will play hard and compete if the administration does not crash them from here on out.

Missouri A-
Eastern Michigan 21   Missouri 61

It is hard to evaluate this grade with this unknown opponent.

Tennessee A+
Virginia Tech  24 Tennessee 45

Tennessee rose to the occasion.  At times they were explosive.  I do not think that changes them to head of the SEC East yet.  Virginia Tech in reality is a 500 program today.