Sunday, September 10, 2017

SEC REPORT CARD for Saturday 9/9/17

What do the Gators winning & Auburn defending SEC pride have in common in 2017?
So far no evidence exists.
What do Kevin Sumlin and Brett Bielema and Mark Stoops have in common?
They all might need a moving company before December.
Ole Miss finds out this week after week two of the schedule in 2017 how bad
2018-19-20-and ?? will be.
Bama dominated, Kirby maybe got a building block win and everybody else enjoyed some cupcakes.

FLORIDA  - Gators F
Florida - cancelled
Northern Colorado – cancelled
Gators till winless. They host Tennessee next week.

Kentucky 27
Eastern Kentucky 16

C represents good in our school system.
Good everyone did not get “reassigned” at halftime.
They travel to South Carolina next week.

Ole Miss 45
UT Martin 23
Ole Miss got the expected W.
The Rebs are bracing for the expected big L when the NCAA
Has their unbiased nothing personal meeting with them this week.

Alabama 41
Fresno State 10
Business as usual.

Arkansas 7
TCU 28
I like the big guy. The Pigs play Texas A&M in two weeks. Both of these coaching situations are getting ugly.

Tennessee 42
Indiana State Larry Birds 7
Tennesse handled it. Bird got 2 treys and a layup.

Vandy 42
Alabama A&M 0
Vandy is talking big. We are still going to call you Vandy until attendance picks up.

South Carolina 31
Missouri 13
South Carolina is the most improved team n the last two years.
Missouri seriouslyneeds to consider the Big 10. They just do not fir in.

Texas A&M 24
Nicholls 14

Auburn 6
Clemson 14
This sounded close. Auburn suffered 11 sacks. So Clemson has a great defensive line? You playing in a conference with several.

Georgia 20
Notre Dame 19
This could be a big building block win.

Mississippi State 57
LA Tech 21
State did what they should have done.

LSU 45
Chattanooga 10
Another cupcake has been eaten.

Lord we are praying for Florida and the southeast.

Be safe. Help others. Enjoy life. Love Jesus.



Monday, September 4, 2017


 The demise of the GREATEST CONFERENCE in football history – like Mark Twain said about his reported death - has been greatly exaggerated. Deal with it ESPN.

 ARKANSAS – Grade B-
This game is a worse indicator of academic football success than NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. I like the big guy. This year Coach Bret Bielema will have all grades severely reviewed by the fat back in Fayetteville.
Arkansas 49
Florida A&M 7

What if they played an SEC football game and nobody cared. This is what happened.
I will try to keep from saying this repeatedly -why are they in the league?
Missouri 72
Missouri State 43

The Gamecocks will not win the SEC EAST. They will go to a good bowl and be the spoiler for UGA, or UF for the EAST title.
South Carolina35
NC State 28

F is for Failure of drug tests and letting down the pride of the SEC as the only SEC loser this weekend.
Florida 17
Michigan 33

Solid win for the Cats. They let this one slip away last year.
Kentucky 24
Southern Miss 17

The school beneath Ole Miss played a school beneath FCS or D1 status. (Cousin Eddy loves to call the REBS The School Up North-Yankee humor I suppose) This told us that Mississippi State would rule in THE BIG SOUTH CONFERENCE.
Mississippi State 49
Charleston Southern

Georgia 31
App State 10
Georgia played solid against what haters want to admit was a very solid challenge in App State. I’ll say it-App State is as god as several SEC teams.
The UGA freshman Fromm studied and picked up the pace when Eason was injured.
A solid shutout performance until the backup punter came in th play QB and the shut out was lost.

Coach Matt Luke had his offense popping and us wondering if there is any D in store for the Rebs this year. Like upcoming sanctions from the previous coaching administration we will find out.
Ole Miss 47
South Alabama 27

Dear best team(s) in the ACC, this will happen to you 9 out of 10
times you play BAMA.
Alabama 24
Florida State 7

Vanderbilt 27
Middle Tennessee 6

LSU- Grade B-
The Mad Hatter was canned after the best decade in LSU history. His Tigers won a National Championship and played for another. Enter a colorful coach with a 300% winning record as an SEC head coach. He is a career defensive line coach and yet he was hired to spice up the offense. Looked like the same O with Coach O.
LSU 27

TEXAS A&M – Grade A  F for they forgot to play in the FOURTH QUARTER
As this report is being filed the Aggies are crushing UCLA on Sunday night.
Texas A&M

TENNESSEE- Pending grade B  (Labor Day Monday night game)
This grade of B is pending as surely Butch will beat the Bees? Right Butch?
Tennessee – better score
Georgia Tech - hopefully not better

Ease up America. Jesus is Lord and football is fun.
Go Dawgs and beat the Irish!
Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Christians Response to Adultery- Unfaithfulness

Proverbs 6:32
But a man who commits adultery has no sense;
whoever does so destroys himself.

The news from the campus of The University of Mississippi, The Flagship – Ole Miss, is causing a lot of news for a slow news week
in the small campus of Oxford, MS.

Many people are hurting today despite the fact no blood was spilt. The head football coach resigned in disgrace. From news reports he privately admitted to calling a prostitution agency for services. He was previously beloved and at the same time hated for his Christian stance. He was associated with a national Christian sports ministry. 
Most importantly he is the husband and father to young girls.

He was the leader of a major college football program.
He was making over 4 million dollars a year.
The attention might be misunderstand to those 
who do not love Ole Miss, football or Jesus.

Character assassination is the best way to void
any Christian witness short of physical murder.

Everybody will eventually have their day in sports. Sports are my recreation not my standing before God. I really do not care if you love my alma mater or not. A Christian leader crushed his soul by betraying his wife, children and witness by his actions. I was just reading a quote from Bob Russell’s book ‘When God Builds A Church’. The quote was about the fidelity of a leader. “You’re the example, not the exception.”
The church of my youth is still suffering from unfaithfulness in the pulpit from over 40 years ago.

Christians should mourn for the dishonor to the ministry given to the Lord, his family, and the vast ripple effect this great sin of adultery has on others we will never know it damaged. Then look to restore the faith of the fallen.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around 
like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Mount Rushmore of NFL QBs

Image result for otto grahamImage result for brady michigan on the bench

Image result for Bradshaw LA TechImage result for fran tarkenton UGA
Above from left to right Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns - Tom Brady, New England Patriots - Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers - Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings (again).

There is always talk of who is the greatest NFL Quarterback. Unlike ESPN we will use facts and my pronounced bias.  Lets get to the facts.

Otto Graham -
He played 10 years. 10 straight championship games. The Browns won 7. He played 10 years.  He helped implement the huddle, films, audibles, jersey numbers. He is the DADDY of modern QBs!
Win 2 more and we will talk Brady.

Tom Brady -
Brady has won 5 super Bowls in 17 years. He stays n great shape. He developed late. Miraculously he is still going strong at 39. He is a worker and not a self promoter.

Terry Bradshaw-
Bradshaw is there because he won 4 Super Bowls. He was drafted when the Steelers were still and organization that was lousy. He was a great athlete holding the national high school javelin record for years. He made it in part because of one reason. He was physically tough and could take it physically and mentally. Don't believe me? See the Turkey Jones cheap shot.

Fran Tarkenton-
Fran had a good arm quick feet and a quick mind. He played for a horrible expansion team and made them competitive. He was traded to a horrible Giants franchise in the late 1960's. Fran was traded to a modestly talented and old Minnesota Vikings team in the early 1970's. He took them to 3 Super Bowls.  He never won it all. He changed the game. 17 years of the NFL at 6'0 190 lbs. 
In 1978 "The Scrambler"  retired as the leading passer in NFL history. 

My Next up just missed the list-
Joe Montana: One of my favorites - He was just a winner.
Bart Star: He did it all. he was a leader and a winner.
Peyton Manning: I love Archie and Eli. That is documented. Yes - I took it hard when Peyton went to Tennessee over Ole Miss.He is in the top 8.
John Elway (later edit): He won 2 Super Bowls past his prime with a stronger running game. I could go Jim Plunkett also then. My pastor friend said Elway got a 3 not great teams in the Super Bowl. This is true but he does not make the cut.
Johnny Unitas: Unitas won 2 NFL championships in the 1950's. He won a Super Bowl as a backup in the 1970-71 season. He has a lot of nostalgia going for him but he also did not make my final 4.

Not on my list:
Dan Fouts:Lots of stats and lots of almost got it done but did not.
Dan Marino: He crashed a franchise but got lots of stats. The anti-thesis if a QB in my book. He changed Shula's philosophy and they never sniffed a Super Bowl once they went all in on the passing and leadership after Marino took over.

My one game QB - Separate statue to play the intergalactic forces of evil on Armageddon Day the final Super Bowl:
My ultimate pro QB because "Your telling me there is still a chance?"

Image result for kenny stabler smiley face helmetImage result for kenny stabler smoking a cig
Kenny Stabler