Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Mount Rushmore of NFL QBs

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Above from left to right Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns - Tom Brady, New England Patriots - Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers - Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings (again).

There is always talk of who is the greatest NFL Quarterback. Unlike ESPN we will use facts and my pronounced bias.  Lets get to the facts.

Otto Graham - 
He played 10 years. 10 straight championship games. The Browns won 7. He played 10 years.  He helped implement the huddle, films, audibles, jersey numbers. He is the DADDY of modern QBs!
Win 2 more and we will talk Brady.

Tom Brady - 
Brady has won 5 super Bowls in 17 years. He stays n great shape. He developed late. Miraculously he is still going strong at 39. He is a worker and not a self promoter.

Terry Bradshaw-
Bradshaw is there because he won 4 Super Bowls. He was drafted when the Steelers were still and organization that was lousy. He was a great athlete holding the national high school javelin record for years. He made it in part because of one reason. He was physically tough and could take it physically and mentally. Don't believe me? See the Turkey Jones cheap shot.

Fran Tarkenton-
Fran had a good arm quick feet and a quick mind. He played for a horrible expansion team and made them competitive. He was traded to a horrible Giants franchise in the late 1960's. Fran was traded to a modestly talented and old Minnesota Vikings team in the early 1970's. He took them to 3 Super Bowls.  He never won it all. He changed the game. 17 years of the NFL at 6'0 190 lbs. 
In 1978 "The Scrambler"  retired as the leading passer in NFL history. 

My Next up just missed the list-
Joe Montana: One of my favorites - He was just a winner.
Bart Star: He did it all. he was a leader and a winner.
Peyton Manning: I love Archie and Eli. That is documented. Yes - I took it hard when Peyton went to Tennessee over Ole Miss.He is in the top 8.
John Elway (later edit): He won 2 Super Bowls past his prime with a stronger running game. I could go Jim Plunkett also then. My pastor friend said Elway got a 3 not great teams in the Super Bowl. This is true but he does not make the cut.
Johnny Unitas: Unitas won 2 NFL championships in the 1950's. He won a Super Bowl as a backup in the 1970-71 season. He has a lot of nostalgia going for him but he also did not make my final 4.

Not on my list:
Dan Fouts:Lots of stats and lots of almost got it done but did not.
Dan Marino: He crashed a franchise but got lots of stats. The anti-thesis if a QB in my book. He changed Shula's philosophy and they never sniffed a Super Bowl once they went all in on the passing and leadership after Marino took over.

My one game QB - Separate statue to play the intergalactic forces of evil on Armageddon Day the final Super Bowl:
My ultimate pro QB because "Your telling me there is still a chance?"

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Kenny Stabler


  1. Ummm... Elway. His three super bowl losses were with terrible teams that no other qb could have even gotten to the Super Bowl. Tell you what, there is no other qb on the list that I'd want if my team were trailing with 2 miniutes or less left in the game that #7 ~ Your Pal from Candler, Stanton J Bockwoldt

  2. I added him as an almost made it. Good point on JE getting not great teams to 3 Super Bowls. My Dan Reeves bias did not help his cause. I know he is in most people's top 3. My son and I believe if "Mr. Irrelevant" can stay on the straight and narrow he will amaze in Denver.