Monday, September 26, 2016

SEC REPORT CARD week 4 September 24, 2016 "Les Miles Memorial Edition"

Alabama Grade A++

Kent State 0 Alabama 41
Who is buried in Grant’s tomb? 
Who is going to win the Bama game this weekend?                 
Yes, to answer the teacher, tests can be too easy.

Ole Miss Grade  A+
Georgia Grade F

Georgia 14  Ole Miss 45
Ole Miss had to have this game to keep any chances of high expectations for the remainder of this season.  The Dawgs perhaps were thinking about their Tennessee revenge game the following week.  Ole Miss showed off their great wide receiver corps and how a dual threat QB can’t be stopped.  Dawgs can play their way back into the East top shelf.  This game has die-hard Dawg fans asking “can they?”
UGA-Offensive Line = F.  Wide Receivers = F. Placekicking = F
This is the game Kirby will have been seen as taking Georgia from the ashes back then at Ole Miss to the top or when they started saying who will be the next coach. No honeymoon time in Athens.

Florida Grade C
Tennessee Grade A+

Florida 28  Tennessee 38
The Gators have been quiet and were looking to sneak back to the top of the SEC East.  Butch Jones looks like he has Tennessee over the hump.  Next week is a Georgia revenge game.  Can the Vols stay at the head of the East class?

Mississippi State Grade = B

Mississippi State 47  UMASS  35
Dan Mullen, you won against a lower division opponent, barely.  The good news is the fans are patient  as is the Athletic Department.  The bad news is Les Miles is unemployed and things change quickly.

Missouri Grade = A

Delaware 0  Missouri 79
Let’s face it; this is what should happen in match-ups like this. 

Vanderbilt Grade = A

Vanderbilt 31  Western Kentucky 30
Vandy made a comeback against a good team on the road.  This was against a lesser-known but good opponent.

LSU Grade = 0- for crazyness  (if I can score that on my Coach Mac slide rule)
Auburn = C

LSU 13 Auburn 18
Does LSU think Ed Ogeron is really a better head coach than Les Miles?
Aubie do not complain about your C-.  You remind me of  myself in high school chemistry as I barely passed except for a good lab partner.  Like myself in chemistry you, the War Eagle/Tigers, benefitted by just sitting there and doing nothing.

South Carolina Grade = F
Kentucky Grade = B

South Carolina 10  Kentucky 17
Oh how the mediocre have fallen.

Arkansas Grade = C
Texas A&M Grade = A+ (extra credit for the 4th quarter)

Arkansas 24  Texas A&M  45
The teacher expected these two grades to be reversed before the match.  I thought the Pigs would bully the Aggies with their physical play.  I thought the moral at A&M was too poor to rally like this.  This is why you have quizzes so we can define reality.

Play hard, fair and square.  If you claim Christ as Savior lets do all we can to live like Christians  and also encourage others.   It’s just a game but thank you Lord for football!!!

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

P.S. This week's edition is dedicated to a coach for men.  Les Miles. You made football exciting, motivating and fun.  Not all understand your ways.  Your players did.  They balled out for you.  Hope to see you again on the gridiron.

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