Sunday, September 18, 2016

SEC Report Card Week 3 Saturday September 17, 2016 graded

Tennessee Grade B+

Ohio 19 Tennessee 28

The Big Orange have had a Athletic Directors nightmare this year.  The tune up teams they scheduled are good teams.  UT won against a good App State and Ohio University this year between SEC games.  UT rises to the head of the SEC East class if they beat Florida next week.

Vanderbilt Grade F

Vanderbilt  7 Georgia Tech 38

Vandy got trucked by a hard to figure GT team.  Tech looks to be from the 4th-the 6th best team in the ACC.  We cannot be anything  but concerned that the Vandy Einstein’s might need to do what they have never done - drop a class.  Ooops they can’t.   It’s football PE to the Big Bang guys.  Vandy might have passed on their last chance at victory for the year.

Alabama Grade A+                                                                                                             Ole Miss Incomplete grade

Alabama 48  Ole Miss 43

Alabama wins in a variety of ways with a variety of of 5 star players.  Their pressure is excellence every week.  This is expected and required by fans and Saban.  Ole Miss’s like Meat Loaf can sing “2 outa 3 Aint’t Bad”.   The Rebs have been given an incomplete as they have played Florida State, Wofford, Alabama and next week Georgia.  The Rebs are in the top 25 still because of respect for their schedule.  The Rebs will get a summative score after the play UGA.  They could be called the #1 first quarter team in America.  You have to finish the whole syllabus Rebs to get on the honor roll.

South Carolina Grade B

East Carolina 15  South Carolina 20

South Carolina is looking for the right look in uniforms.  After much critiques of the first 2 weeks the all black is their best look so far.  A win steadies the Gamecocks out after a 3 game start with the new coach.

Kentucky Grade A-

New Mexico State 42  Kentucky 62

The Cats got it done like an SEC team should against a mid-level non-conference team.  

Texas A&M Grade A-                                                                                                       Auburn Grade C-

Texas A&M 29  Auburn 16

Auburn and the Aggies both needed this win.  Both teams might have new coaches next year.  The Auburn defense is better than last year.  The problem for Auburn’s Malzahn is that he is an offensive coach.  The offense is getting worse.  His previous point scoring  is why he has a big time job - for now.

Florida Grade  A-

North Texas 0   Florida 32

Florida is not flashy but steady.  They will be the mid-season valedictorians if they whip UT again. This is another hard to grade game to see what it tells us.

Arkansas Grade A-

Texas State 3 Arkansas 42

Arkansas like their coach is thinking big.  It is hard to grade this game.

Georgia GradeB+                                                                                                              Missouri Grade B-

Georgia 28  Missouri 27

This game was about 2 mediocre teams trying to get to the next level in the SEC East.  UGA by some opinions was fortunate to win.  The optimistic view about the Dawgs  is Jacob Eason got the team turning upwards  to the top of the SEC East play with firing the winning TD to Isaiah McKenzie.  Kirby Smart earns 2 stars.  One for calling time outs early to save time on the clock for the offense to win.  The second star is for is better using Isaiah McKenzie.  I don’t think it takes a Vandy Einstein  to simply get that player the ball ASAP and a lot.

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  1. It true, the Dawgs are a middling team. Ole Miss will be a true test. Gators will beat UT. Alabama looks better than last year...Saban might be the best HC in college football history.