Sunday, October 30, 2016

SEC Progress Report week 10 October 29: Trick or Treat Edition or Life in the SEC EAST

So far everything is as usual in the SEC West.  Bama is too good.  LSU is playing host to Bama.  The “lathered up” Cajuns, that idoloze Coach O, are charming yet delusional.  Bama calls Baton Rouge/Red Stick little Tuscaloosa with better food.  Ain't scared. Bobby Boucher will be asking "Mama why them Bamers always destroying us in Tiger Stadium/Death Valley?   Momma gonna say "Where you been at all your life Little Bobby?"
In the SEC East all is the same except IT IS not and it scares me.  UT, GA, even UF stunk it up and UT won!  Cat-lanta might mean now Kentucky is gonna try to own the Georgia Dome in football like they used to in basketball.  (SEC football fans -  Their used to be a great sporting event in March called the SEC basketball tournament played in Atlanta - it was awesome-ask a Kentucky fan about it sometimes.)

Kentucky Grade = A+
Missouri Grade = F- (your killing the SEC curve)

Kentucky 35  Missouri 21 – UK is like Highlander.  You can’t kill them no matter how many cliffs they jump over.  Missouri is like ROAD KILL.  They are not even trying to get up. 

Florida Grade = C
Georgia Grade = F- (see Missouri for the same comments)

Florida 24  Georgia 10 – Florida played bad.  UGA felt sorry for them.  So the Dawgs did not use Isaiah McKenzie or Nick Chubb.  The Dawgs jumped off-sides to negate scoring drives.  One Dawg player jumped up off the ground to run over to taunt the UF punt return who just fumbled instead of recovering the fumble.   Coach John Wayne said it best –  “Life (the SEC)is tough.  It’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

Mississippi State Grade = C- ( see the Missouri, UGA grade comment)

Samford 41  Mississippi State 56 – MSU avoided the first F ever given for a winning team.  Mississippi State, Come on man!  You cant keep giving these small former NAIA and D-3  schools their greatest sporting event in school history. 

Auburn Grade = A
Ole Miss Grade =C-

Auburn 40 Ole Miss 29 – Auburn might be the 2nd best team in the SEC.  They have a defensive line and a power running game.  Ole Miss has neither. Ole Miss is in free fall on defense.  Ole Miss plays like drag-racers.  They speed out and then slow down and get passed.  Strike 4 Rebs.  Are you even studying?  Are you trying to be the best 6-6 team in the country?  Please don’t, that is not cool.

Tennessee Grade = C
South Carolina Grade = A

Tennessee  21   South Carolina 24  – Pumpkin Orange never made their people so scared.  They had the SEC East locked down.  Tennessee let the South Carolina Gamecocks “Charlie Brown” them and snatch the football away before Tennessee/Charlie Brown before they got to enjoy the SEC East annual sacrifice to Bama called The SEC Championship Game.

Texas A&M Grade = B

New Mexico State 10 Texas A&M  52 – Come on man.  You did not even play the good New Mexico team. 

Be safe.  Enjoy fall and know Jesus is Lord!

Fletcher Law

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