Sunday, November 6, 2016

SEC PROGRESS REPORT WEEK 10 Saturday October 5, 2016 Fall Fashion Edition

We are way past labor Day and heading to Turkey Day.  Let’s see what we look like.

Ole Miss grade = B -
Georgia Southern 27  Ole Miss 37  -  The Rebs played it so cool that they forgot to wear their full uniform as they forgot to wear the trade-mark grey pants that Walter Payton once said he dreamed of wearing.  The practice white pants set the tone for the Rebs/Black Bear's lack of enthusiasm.  The classically dressed Georgia Southern were the only ones in appropriate attire.  Even Coach Freeze forgot to shave.  Ole Miss almost got “South ALABAMAED” but woke up in time barely like an ATO with a Friday 8:00 A.M. class after a night at the Warehouse of old.

Texas A&M grade = F
Mississippi State grade = A+

Texas A&M 28  Mississippi State 35 – It was “little brother versus little brother” from the visiting state of Texas and the home of the Mississippi SEC team that is not the FLAGSHIP.   
The “Doppelgänger Bowl was bewildering.  To those from College Station or Starkghanistan  

-  From Wikepedia (You remember that word from college)   
"Doppelgänger In fiction and folklore,a doppelgänger or doppelga(e)nger (/ˈdɒpᵊlˌɡɛŋə/ or /-ˌɡæŋə/German: [ˈdɔpəlˌɡɛŋɐ]  literally "double-goer") is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and is usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck. In other traditions and stories, they recognize one's 'double-goer' as an evil twin."

Mississippi State wisely knew it needed more “Cow Bell” and less of the hideous maroon they got stuck with in uniform choices once upon a time.  This completely bamboozled the visiting “little brothers” from Texas and they went from number 2 in their state and number 4 in the playoff poll and "Aggied" it all over Starkghanistan. 


Vandy grade = c+
Auburn grade =B-
Vandy 16  Auburn 23 – Vandy almost got it done.  They are doing marvelous things with their “anchor” on their headgear.  Gold and black are hard colors to make look good on any uniform because - your colors are gold and black.  Auburn kept it tight with their classic uniform.  Auburn has been rolling.  They sputtered this week.  I hope Georgia does not have to go disguising themselves for the visiting Gus Bus as the Plainsmen/Tigers/War Eagles pile out to run up the score.

Florida grade = F
Arkansas grade = A+
Florida 10  Arkansas 21  - Florida is making the SEC a basketball conference.  Who can wait to see that boring offense roll up to the Georgia Dome to get rolled by the Tide.  The Gator offense makes Mitt Romney look exciting.  Arkansas is a little schizophrenic in their uniform choices of late. Like anyone with good taste they completely took out all the maroon they could from their Pig suits.  The small brained reptiles were also easily bamboozled. Advantage Razorbacks with a fashion gaff that worked….. this time.

Missouri grade = F
South Carolina grade = B
Missouri 21  South Carolina 31 – South Carolina looked confused as they did not mix and match well.  Mizzou has the hardest to figure out decals on their helmets.  Are you Tigers or are those chicken feathers? Repeat – Uniforms are for tradition and for your team to be easily identified.

Tennessee grade = A
Tennessee Tech  0  Tennessee 55 – How much did it cost to get paid to attend this game?

Georgia grade = B
Kentucky grade = C
Georgia 27  Kentucky  24 -  The Dawgs went classic in their road look and back to using Nick Chubb and Sony Michel to rush for over 200 yards.  The Cats stepped up with chrome headgears but the checkerboard  sleeves went out with racing season and plus it looks like Rocky Top envy. 

Alabama grade = A
LSU grade = B
Alabama 10  LSU 0 – Classic uniforms versus classic uniforms.  Manly football versus manly football.  Thank you teams for looking good and playing good..

It is not only football fashion season but also the political season as well.  Be nice to your neighbors, vote and then relax and have fun.  Don’t worry so much about who will be president. Jesus is forever King of kings and lord of lords. 

Lift Jesus Up!



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