Sunday, November 13, 2016

SEC PROGRESS REPORT WEEK 11 – Saturday November 12, 2016 – election week edition, No Safe Spaces here - Saban declares himself Czar for life!!!!

Alabama grade = A+  Miississippi State grade = F                                                                                                          Mississippi State 3  Alabama 51 –  Run college students.  There is no “Safe Places” in Tuscaloosa.  It was quaint to even think The Maroon Dogs could show up and could play the anarchy game as was played on other campuses.  Saban has done what many Americans have feared those in power would perhaps do.  He has taken over completely and declared himself permanent czar of college football as we know it.

South Carolina grade =C   Florida grade = B (for Boring )                                                                                          South Carolina 7  Florida 21 – What if they played an SEC East (or Least) game and nobody cared which boring team would be designated the Hunger Games sacrifice for Bama at the Georgia Dome for the SEC championship?  I think we have a winner.  Call if you actually watched it.

Tennessee grade = B  Kentucky grade = C                                                                                                          Kentucky 36 Tennessee 49 – This was a well played game.  Sorry the votes are already in.  Both teams tried to turn their seasons back around for a remarkable end in Atlanta or New Orleans.   Bundle up for Nashville and Shrevport.

Georgia grade = A  Auburn grade = C (as in Cruz who disappoints before the big game)                                      Auburn 7  Georgia 13 – Wow in a strong showing of the red clay state the Dawgs voted to quit getting embarrassed at home and beat what we all thought was a good or maybe great Auburn team.  Auburn had a chance to beat Bama and get into the CFB playoffs.  Return to your safe place near Opelika Tigers.  There is no place for safety in the Capstone campus.  The Chubb - Michel ticket is rising to resurrect UGA to a possible 8-4 season.                   Nobody saw this coming.

Vanderbilt grade = F   Missouri grade = C                                                                                                             Vanderbilt 17  Missouri 26 – In this day of social media and internet hoaxes I ask did this game actually happen?

LSU grade = A   Arkansas grade = F                                                                                                                            LSU 38  Arkansas 10 – Coach Ogeron has the LSU Tigers as the 2nd best team in the SEC West.  I never knew I would compare Coach O to Hillary.  Strange season.  Arkansas call me when you  get back from your therapist.  Are you Napoleon or Pee-wee Herman? 

Ole Miss grade = A Texas A&M grade = D (Like George Dukakis)                                                                              Ole Miss 29  Texas A&M 28 – Coach Hugh Freeze be like all Ronald “Maximus” Reagan and such and shook up Rebel Nation and said “Tear down this redshirt”.  Good move Hugh “Gipper” Freeze.   Young #20 Shea Patterson might keep you from being the best 6-6 team in the country and raised your bowl stock.  Texas A&M received a strong grade of  D.  They are a footnote in history.  Their D was earned by being a George Dukakis. They thought they had a chance for the big prize when they were # 4 for the playoff race just 8 days ago.  Texas A&M will be in the dust-bin of CFB history like George Dukakis who thought he could whip Reagan’s vice- president George Herbert Walker for the office of president in 1988.  Those memories of a #4 playoff ranking for the Aggies were swept away by Ole Miss like Reveille’s dandruff combed out by the their corps of cadets.   

It is just a game.  But it feels great when your team comes back or your ranked rival goes down.  Enjoy the rest of the fall.  Serve Jesus.  Make Jesus name great on this planet.  It will be one day.

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law

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