Sunday, November 20, 2016

SEC PROGRESS REPORT WEEK 12 – Saturday November 19, 2016: Cramming For Finals Edition

We are heading into finals and this is how your team prepared.  Bama and Florida get an extra Turkey leg and dressing to sop that gravy.  Everybody else its green bean casserole,  gluten free everything and go to your rooms now.  You heard me Ole Miss and South Carolina.

Georgia grade = C (as in played a cupcake)
(“Louisiana”) or LA- Lafayette 21 Georgia 35  - Georgia struggled mightily in taking this simple pre Georgia Tech exam.
The Dawgs look like it would take 6 plays right now to score against air.
This is not the pretest confidence and swagger you need going against the Paul Johnson and the North Avenue “spread option”.  Do not call the Rambling Wreck offense a glorified wishbone please.  With all the “angry white men” around you do not want to set off their King Paul Johnson.

Texas A&M grade = D (as in they played a doughnut)
USTA 10  Texas A&M 23- Texas A&M took cupcake scheduling to a new level.  They found a team to play most college football fans did not know existed.  They practiced not scoring many points like they anticipate they will also do against LSU on Turkey day.

Florida grade = A+ (could have been a B for boring  offense or D for great defense)
LSU grade = D (for what Coach “O” said on the 4th down play)
Florida 16  LSU 10 – Boring Florida is the 2nd best team the SEC behind Bama.  They had to reschedule a big conference game on the road after the earlier hurricane scare.  LSU was considered the 2nd best team in the league.  I kid about the Gators. Coach Jim McElwain has done a super job with better things on the horizon. Their talent level will get better and then they will be a threat in the championship game. 
The Gator D just totally manned up on the goal line to win the SEC EAST and make LSU Coach OGERON mutter something nobody could understand. This time the Cajuns did not even understand Coach O.

Missouri grade = F  Tennessee grade = A (could have been T for too little too late)
Missouri 37  Tennessee 63 – Tennessee took out a lot of frustration against Mizzou.  Could have should have been frustration.  Butch Jones has had at times had his team play great and then mediocre, then at times awful all in one year.  Joshua Dobbs is another Georgia QB that had great success waltzing to another state to help another University have greater success than before.

South Carolina grade = B
Western Carolina 31  South Carolina 44- South Carolina won.  The 31 points by Western Carolina makes all recent improvement look suspicious.

Arkansas grade = B  Mississippi State grade = C
Arkansas  58  Mississippi State 42 – Arkansas played like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this time in the same game.  They rolled on offense and reeled on defense.  Mississippi State is so down and out they keep messing with their uniforms and are wearing grey.  This is called Ole Miss envy by psychologists when “little brother” is trying to keep up with The Flagship in Oxford.  This is not the year to do that.  Ole Miss is making every body else’s season just a little bit better right now. 

Alabama special grade = A+ or KK for King Kong
Chattanooga 3  Alabama 31 – Bama is simply the best.  Saban probably in his “process” made the team not score 100 so they will mess with Auburn more.

Auburn grade = A   (for apathy in playing this game)
Alabama A&M 0  Auburn 55 – Auburn probably played this team so they could mark out the A&M and show recruits the score against “another” Alabama.  So much for the Alabama educational system.  Unless injured Auburn running back Kamryn Pettway returns this might be the score of the Iron Bowl reversed.

Ole Miss grade = F (for - Help I’ve FALLEN and can’t get up!)
Vanderbilt grade = A (for Anchor Down)
Ole Miss 17  Vanderbilt 37 – Ole Miss cannot run the football and cannot stop the run or pass.  This harkens back to days in the mid-1970’s when the teams were so bad that nobody knew there was an Egg Bowl outside of Oxford or Starkganistan. 
Ole Miss does not play Dixie anymore for their fight song.  In the bowery and smokey clubs of Nashville they were playing The Band’s version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.  Levon Helm from where abouts unknown reportedly protested his signature song being associated with this sad effort.

Be thankful we have fun things like football we can have fun with.
Thank you Lord for our faith, family, country and football. 

Lift Jesus Up!

Fletcher Law


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