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The SEC's 10 Greatest Skill Position Football Players (Since 1970)

The SEC's 10 Greatest Skill Position Football Players (Since 1970)

This list is factual accurate and indisputable, unless you disagree.

1) Hershel Walker, #34, Georgia, 1980-1982.
Georgia was 6-5 in 1979. In 1980 a senior from Johnson County High School signs to play for the Dawgs. The results are 12-0 and a National Championship for the previous year's 6-5 team. In Walker's three years he loses one regular season game. If he played his senior year instead of signing with the USFL he would never be surpassed as the NCAA all time rushing leader. In 1982 he won the Heisman. He could have won all three years. Voters were not prepared for an 18 or 19 year old to win it then.
If you do not agree with him then just challenge him to a Mixed Marshall Arts fight.

2) Tim Tebow, #15, Florida, 2006- 2009.
Tebow is hyped. He plays as a freshman on goal line situations. Even as a back up he insires a team. He backs up a senior. He is a fan favorite. The problems he causes as a hyped freshman -zero.
He is a leader. He wins the Heisman as a sophomore. He wins the National Championship as a junior. He leads the team to a perfect record as a senir before losing in the SEC championship game. Legend in expectations, and performance and leadership. He made his team better always.

3) Bo Jackson, #34, Auburn, 1982-1985.
Bo had it all. He could get the home run off the pitch in the Auburn wishbone. He won the Heisman in 1985. He won the SEC in 1983. Awesome talent that really never produced the number of SEC championships that should have come. Awesome talent but way behind in what could have been in comparison to Hershel Walker.

4) Arching Manning, #18, Ole Miss, 1968-1970.
Archie picked up a sliding SEC power and got them into national prominence with the great Tennessee upset in 1969. This is known as the "Mule Game". In a preseason interview Tennessee linebacker Steve Kiner said, in response to a sportswriter, that Ole Miss did not have the horses but were a bunch of "mules". Concerning Archie Kiner replied "Archie who". That led to a "Archie Who" worn by almost all Rebel fans. (No teddy bears were around then). Number 18, the new box style face-mask, his style and modesty. He married the homecoming queen and had some sons who also played some ball. Many with better stats. He had the "It" quality.

5) Danny Wuerffel, #7, Florida, 1993-1996
He pulled the trigger in the "Fun and Gun" and could put up with Steve Spurrior's supposedly rough treatment of quarterbacks.
From Jeremy Hillman (Featured Columnist) on October 12, 2011 Bleacher Reports.
"Danny Wuerffel had incredible numbers as a quarterback and had the trophies and wins, too. He threw for an impressive 10,875 yards and 114 touchdowns. Yes, 114 touchdowns. Wuerffell lead Florida to two national title matchups in a row and won the national championship in 1996. He was a two time All-American and won the 1996 Heisman Trophy."

Like Tebow, Danny is also a devout Christian who now runs Desire Street Ministries. It is great to be a fan of a player who is not a knucklehead.

6) Johnny Musso, Alabama, RB, #22,, 1969-1971
The original "Italian Stallion". And yes, Sylvester Stallone did steal that nickname from this Bama great. He was super effective with not so many touches by today's standards. He was on the first wishbone teams for the Bear. He helped get Bama back on top.
From Bleacher ReportBy Jeremy Hillman (Featured Columnist) on October 12, 2011
"Musso wasn't a big back; just 5'10", 191 pounds, but he was hard for defenses to stop. The quick and dynamic back ran for 2,741 yards in his three-year Alabama career and scored 34 touchdowns.In his senior season, he averaged almost six yards per carry and finisshed fourth in the Heisman voting.
He also finished first team All-American twice."
He was a leader, had swagger and the cut tear-away jersey he styled and made his own. he was just Joe Dirt cool.

7) Mark Ingram, #22, Alabama, RB, 2007-2009
Mark Ingram ran hard produced and was a team player. He was not flashy or a knucklehead. He just produced. His teams won close games because he could move the chains.
By Jeremy Hillman (Featured Columnist) on October 12, 2011 Bleacher Report.
"Mark Ingram playes at Alabama for three seasons and made an impact in each.
He scored 12 touchdowns as a freshman and ended his Alabama career with over 4,000 total yards and 42 touchdowns. He won the Heisman trophy in 2009."

8) Peyton Manning, #16, Tennessee, 1994-1997
Peyton was hyped as a prodigy and he was. The son of Archie Manning, he spurned Ole miss to go to Tennessee where he had great stats and many wins but no SEC or National Championships. Chris Fowler of ESPN said it caused "trailer park frenzy" in Tennessee when Manning was favored to win the Heisman and was then beaten in votes by Michigan defensive back Charles Woodson for the award. This was when "Pine Box" Tommy Tubberville was the Ole Miss coach and failed to sign the school's biggest legacy. Perhaps this was because Tubberville was ready to jump ship and wanted him at whatever his new school would be?

Jeremy Hillman (Featured Columnist) on October 12, 2011.
"Peyton Manning was one of the more prolific quarterbacks in college history.
Tennessee was 39-5 with Manning as a starter, making him the all-time winningest SEC quarterback. He threw for 11,201 yards, and a ridiculous 89 touchdowns in his college career. Manning won the Walter Camp Award and was a first team All-American in 1997. He also finished second in the Heisman voting."

9) Eli Manning, #10, Ole Miss, 2001-2003, QB
Awesome and understated. He started three years. He produced as promised. Archie's son got Ole Miss to the Cotton Bowl his last year and the Reb's back into national attention.
By Jeremy Hillman (Featured Columnist) on October 12, 2011
"Eli manning followed in his father and brother's footsteps as a prolific Manning QB.
He passed for an impressive 10,119 passing yards and 81 touchdown passes in his Ole Miss career. In 2003, he won the Maxwell award as the nation's top offensive player and finished third in the Heisman voting."

10) *** Cam Newton, one semester, 2010 Auburn #2 QB
(This story has not been finished. IF Auburn goes on probation Cam will be dumped from this position of 10th best and replaced by Tim Couch in a cleansing ceremony. Even the SEC can only take on so much stuff.)
Cam won the SEC, National Championship and the Heisman in his one semester at Auburn.
Until his story is resolved this is as high as I can go.

Here it is fans.
Your thoughts.

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