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The Bible -On The History Channel > Liberals Get Ready to Pounce!

THE BIBLE - On The History Channel 
 Liberals Get Ready to Pounce!

The History Channel will start a 10 hour series on The Bible on Sunday 10/3.0
My purpose is to tell you what the Bible is and is not
And to hold the History Channel up to high standards of accuracy.

1.        WHAT THE BIBLE IS!
The Bible is 66 books that tell one story –the story of Jesus Christ and Salvation period.   It contains God’s creation, humanity’s fall into sin and His planning a rescue in the Old Testament, fulfilling it in the New Testament with His substitutionary death and resurrection and how Jesus Christ will judge the end of the World and be our King for eternity.

The Bible is not -
A.      The Bible is not a self-help book. It does have commandments which you will not and cannot follow so God sent you a Savior for your sins and Salvation.
B.      The Bible is not a History Book –but its History has been questioned and continually given an A plus.  Discrepancies continue to disappear the further the weak human mind improves its academic study of it.
C.      The Bible is not a science textbook.  It is accurate in its statements tough.  It uses phrases about the “sun rising”.  Liberals use an expression about the “sun rising” and that is OK with them.  Only liberals think they, and no conservative, or much less to them the Lord, can  use literary devices. Liberals the reason you get any debate of the Bible off course is because you cannot stand up to  the one reason we have a Bible –and that is it all has to do with humanity’s only hope of Salvation only through Jesus Christ.
In talking Science and the Bible do not tell me what some ancient Pope or church council or off beat theologian thought.  The bible speaks clearly for itself about our sinful world and Salvation.  Read the Bible!

3.        The Accuracy of The History Channel-
A.      I will respond to what I have seen so far in their advertisement videos.  They had the Magi (often referred to as Wise Men or three kings) visit the babe Jesus in the manger (or so the video seemed to show them in am outside area like a manger) .  This is wrong since, well it was first recorded in Scripture they visited our Lord much later in a house in Matthew 2:11.  In the video they had Jesus recruiting a prospective disciple telling him in so many words “We are going to change the world forever”.  I guess that is the ancient phrase for we are going to “rock the world”.
The History Channel has already given us false information on the lord’s birth.  The History Channel has put words in our Lord’s mouth when he left us a pretty good transcript of what he wanted to be quoted as saying despite what the widely discredited Jesus Seminar of post-modern liberal scholars have tried to sell.

My Advice.
Watch the series.  Compare it to Scripture.  Always be careful when representing the Lord of Glory who will one day return and judge the “quick and the dead.”

FAMOUS quote on God’s Word.
  “Sanctify them through thy truth:
 thy word is truth.” - Jesus (John 7:17) 

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