Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is It Important How I Pronounce God's Name? Does God Favor Any Languages Over Others? Does It Affect Salvation?

Is it important how I pronounce God's name? 
Does God favor any languages over others? 
Is it important to know Gods name for salvation or just his character as being God that matters?

Does God cares about His name?
How would you respectfully pronounce His name?
With the honor of Him being your Father and the respect of the office of the King of all.

Luke 11:1-3 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Instruction about Prayer From Jesus
 “11 It happened that while Jesus was praying in a certain place, after He had finished, one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples.” 2 And He said to them, “When you pray, say:
                     ‘Father, hallowed be Your name.”
Your kingdom come.”

What language should you use in talking with God?
Your language.

Do you talk to your father or friends in ancient Hebrew, biblical Greek, Latin or Aramaic?
I hope not.

Yes there is a weird and dangerous fad that we should return to bondage and Christians should adapt ancient Jewish  practices.
Do you want to have to start living under the animal sacrificial system?
Why would you want the bondage of law again over grace?

Ephesians 2:15 (NASB)
“by abolishing in His flesh the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He might make the *two  into one new man, thus establishing peace,”
*Jews and Gentiles

You ask “Is it important to know Gods name for salvation or just his character as being God that matters?”

Knowing special God’s name has nothing to do with salvation.
That would be magic or superstition and not His grace.

Then how are you saved?

Ephesians 1:13 (NASB)
“13 In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation—having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise,”

Christ lived a perfect life.  He died on the cross.  He was resurrected from the dead.  He sits at the right hand of God the Father.   One day He will judge us.  Christ is our last High Priest.
When you repent or turn from your sins his blood covers you and you are declared righteous before God.  You are saved by God, for God to serve God.  You receive pardon for sins, citizenship in Heaven and Him dwelling in you and you in him.

Trust in grace alone for salvation not law or religious ritual or formulas.  

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