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Tech vs. Georgia> Why It Is Still A Rivalry

           Tech vs. Georgia> Why it Is Still A Rivalry

Too many “sportscasters" try to tell us what we should like and what “is” or “is not” a rivalry.  The Georgia Tech vs. Georgia game is something no one on Atlanta talk radio or in the AJC grew up with, lived through and suffered through all their life.
A rivalry say the talking heads is not one sided.
In Georgia Bulldog’s head football coach Mark Richt’s tenure he is 11-1 in wins in losses going into the 2013 match.
This game is a rivalry.
Even former coach Ray Goff said in the AJC once that Florida was
the big game.  When former Georgia coach Goff started his first two years 0-2 against the Jackets he got religion on the Tech rivalry.
Ray was not on the scene like are fathers were in the 1950’s when Tech won from 1949-1956.  Georgia retired Theron Sapp’s jersey #40 as he scored on a short touchdown.  Sapp had a good career but his jersey is retired because of the win and he is forever known as the “Drought Breaker.”
It has mattered much to true Georgians who wins.
Georgia 63 -37-5 (Tech claims 2 other victories when they used non-students in the game during the WW2 years in 1943-44.)

Those who did not grow up with it did not have Techsters call you at all hours to ask what the score was when they occasionally won.  These folks never had a 7th grade Sunday School teacher quit and walk out after we had the bets and tallies marked on the chalkboard.   His departing words were “For 5 weeks all we have talked about is the Tech- Georgia game and its only August, I quit .”  This was three months before the game.

I will remember always after Georgia lost in 1969 and again in 1970 crying after the game.  My Father gave me an attitude adjustment after that.  I never cried after any game again but it burns deep.  Even though I went to another college out of state this is the state of Georgia’s game.  The game matters.
I remember sitting in the old horseshoe end zone at Tech, since torn down, in 1971.
I was literally praying that Georgia would win.  I liked the Dawgs but was more concerned about and could not figure out how I was going to pay off the $8.75 cents I had bet on the game.  The Dawgs were trailing with little time left in the game.  My allowance was only a quarter a week.
I do not know if my prayers were answered but Georgia quarterback Andy Johnson led an 80 yard drive under two minutes and Georgia tailback #20 Jimmy “The Greek Steak” Poulos dove over the pile as time expired and Georgia won.
I do not bet on football games for money.
I never received payment on my $8.75 winnings.
Techsters or Techmites as they are called only come out after rare wins.
Maybe we will have a 7th grade Sunday School reunion and I can collect those winnings.

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