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Receiving Grace in The Grove Christmas Time News-book signings-stores-how to order

Here is the latest on my book "Receiving Grace in The Grove".
He Hears our Prayers,
Psalm 18:6 
Fletcher Law

Decemeber 23rd book signing Reeds Gum Tree Bookstore
- In Tupelo, Mississippi.  (Awesome place- grand old time department store with one of the South's greatest independent bookstores owned by the Reed family. ) 

Get a copy at
- In Gainesville, Ga
Riverside Pharmacey (autographed)
The Little Ladybug  (autographed)
The Ship Station   (autographed)
-In Jackson, Mississippi
Lemuria Bookstore (An independent bookstore with a national reputation) 
-In Meridian, Mississippi
-In Oxford/Anniston Alabama

Friends please keep me posted on where we can get our book sold.

Soft cover Books are $12 plus $6 shipping 
Hard cover- $34 plus $6 shipping 
Write to 
Fletcher Law
PO Box 402
Gainesville, GA 30503  
(770) 561 2609

It is almost Christmas.
This book is about a blessing.
I want it to bless you.
Pray for more stores and a publisher to pick this up.
Our book is live!!!
You can buy it in Amazon or Kindle.
You can get a signed copy by emailing me at
People have read and reviewed it.
Also you can order an autographed copy from my new Online ordering is available through Lifeway, Amazon and Kindle as well.

Please keep me in prayer - (If You know me, pray to calm me down.  In real life I have to keep having reminding myself I am not covering kick-offs in the Sugar Bowl in the next 30 minutes.)  
-Pray Christ will be glorified-the story is about what He did for me and my family.
-Pray for opportunities to market this book,distribution, booksellers, and book signings.
Please recommend any places to speak or have a book signing.
-Pray that my family will be safe in travel and provided for
in this "Kick-off".
I will keep you posted on all opportunities I have.  If you have and suggestions contact me at

Lift Jesus Up!
Fletcher Law
PO Box 402
Gainesville, GA 30503  
(770) 561 2609

(Below is information from the book jacket you might enjoy reading.)

Fletcher Law, DMin lives in his hometown of
Gainesville, Georgia. He earned a doctor of ministry
degree from Samford University’s Beeson Divinity
School. He earned his master of Divinity degree from Emory's Candler School of Theology, a Master of Education from the University of North Georgia, and a BS in Physical education from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Fletcher is a minister who has worked as a pastor, preacher, evangelist, school teacher, chaplain (of the state champion 2005 Riverside Military Academy Eagles!),
and football coach. He and his wife, Kay, have
one son, Graham. This is his first book.

Praise for Receiving Grace in the Grove
“Fletcher’s story is filled with recognition that God will provide for and sustain each of us.  This is a story of two dedicated young people with a dream. With God’s guidance a book
was born.”
—Coach Billy “Dog” Brewer, former Ole Miss Head Football Coach and
Team Of The Century member

“This book is about family, football and faith, and a lot more. Fletcher Law lets us walk with him through some pivotal moments in his life to see how God has been present in events both big and little.”
—Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University

"I am Don Cheek, A minor character in the Fletcher Law story.  How the power and the love of God are woven into this book is a blessing to me.
--- Dr. Don Cheek, retired professor and department chair, University of Mississippi

Fletcher Law’s journey will tremendously enrich your life.”
—Shannen Fields, actress and speaker, starred in the movie “Facing The Giants” and wife of Jimmy Fields, Ole Miss Letterman and High School Football Coach

"You will be encouraged through Fletcher's journey of life's ups and downs. This story will uniquely show why the word--Amazing-- belongs in front of Grace."
— Jimmy Fields, High School Head Football Coach & Ole Miss Football Alumni

Receiving Grace at the Grove is an inspirational and compelling story about faith, family,football, and friends, and how God intertwined them into his omnipotent plan for
Fletcher Law and his family.”
—Doug Dixon, CAA, high school athletic director and head football coach
of the 2005 Riverside Military Academy Georgia State AAA GISA Champs

Self-published with Crossbooks a division of LIFEWAY.

Cover Graphics/Art Credit

Book Flap Book Information-
Receiving Grace in the Grove shares the true story
of Fletcher Law, who left Ole Miss a fraternity boy
without a degree and went to work for his family’s
car dealership. His future was secure. He worked for
his father’s Lincoln-Mercury dealership, got married,
and expected prosperity and certainty in his future.
After Fletcher had spent just a few years of working
in the family business, however, his father sold the
dealership. Fletcher’s security was gone.
He and his wife decided to move back to Oxford,
Mississippi, so that he could finish his degree at the
University of Mississippi. Th e plan was that he would
get his degree and then pursue his dream of being a
head high school football coach. What’s more, the
couple now had a baby on the way. With great anxiety,
they pressed on through great obstacles concerning
family, finances, and faith—and the Lord provided
people and help when they called on Him.
Miss Armelia came and showed us His grace.
Receiving Grace in the Grove tells the story of how
Fletcher, through his journey, learned to trust in the
Lord and His providential grace. That trust guided
him and his family to stay together, grow and trust in
the Lord and not their own plans. Soli Deo Gloria!

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