Monday, February 25, 2013

QUESTION ANSWERED - What are Questions a Deacon Candidate Should Be Asked?

                                    QUESTION RECEIVED:
What are some questions a deacon candidate should be asked?


Here are questions I would want answered by a deacon candidate.

1)    When were you saved?
2)    Can you explain the gospel and do you believe in Christ alone through grace as the only way for a person’s salvation?
3)    What is the percentage of your income you give to the church?
4)    Do you conduct home worship?
5)    Do you regularly pray?
6)    How often do you read the Bible?
7)    What are the biblical qualifications for a deacon?
8)    Do you  understand how the service job of a deacon is carried out?
9)    Do you understand you are not a ruling board member but a servant of the church?
10)  D o you support the pastor’s vision for the church? 

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