Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Council To A Future Husband

Recently I was asked to contribute to a memory book being prepared for a young man preparing to get married. Here is the advise I sent.
This is for a Christian husband. Women, if he is not a Christian here is your advise, run!!!

My three areas of council to a future Christian husband-

1.) Faith-You will be or should be the priest of your home. Will you be providing Scripture reading, prayer and family worship?
This is where women fail in choosing a husband. They are choosing the priest of their home and children.
Do not negate your witness by your mouth, what you allow on you TV or computer and personal habits.
Yes, you will be criticized by other men when you turn from these things. Do you want to honor God and your wife and family or guys in the world?

2.) Finance-With out a budget you will spiral into frustration. Crown Ministries and David Ramsey both offer good information on this.
Debt and wasteful spending cause the most family crisis.

3.) Raising children- How you raise and discipline children needs to be discussed before you have them.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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