Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tebow Haters -gotta love/laugh at them

Tebow Haters Do Not Understand Why So Many Folks Like Him
Here is why-

1. He is a pro athlete who always gives maximum effort.
2. He plays the game not in the scripted robotic way of the many teams not in the playoffs, who all have the "right/same" playbook of most NFL teams .
3. He is not the cookie cutter combine throwing quarterback who has the right specs and no performance in games.
4. He displays character and praises God win or lose. Christ is still more important than football.
5. It is fun to hear hear the know-it-all haters who despite Tebow's National Championships [2], the Heisman, being a first round draft pick, and a leader who wills his team to many pro victories; just know he is no good despite the facts of his success.

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