Monday, April 10, 2017


It is Holy Week.
Many churches are scurrying and hurrying to complete all the old church traditions from Maundy or Holy Thursday services to modern day Easter Egg Hunts.  If Jesus is preached in this time – good on all of them.

On an out of town vacation yesterday I slipped into a traditional mainline “First” church. You know what I mean – the “big steeple established church”.  During the “Children’s moment” sure enough - in this church with a robed choir, small orchestra, liturgical readings – here came the Easter Bunny.

The Children’s Minister had all the cute preschoolers to second graders come down in front at the steps leading to the pulpit.  Now here came THE EASTER BUNNY – the silliest bunny possible (like there is one with distinction).  The lesson consisted of Mary Madeline could not find Jesus at the empty tomb on Resurrection Day.  Mary asked “Where is Jesus” like we ask “Where are the Easter Eggs”.  Where is Jesus?  I felt like yelling out- “with Waldo”.  The service had the Easter Bunny but not the journey to the cross on Palm Sunday.  If the sermon contained the life giving gospel I can't remember.  I was too freaked out to pay attention to say.  The Triumphant Entry of the One who would conquer death, hell and the grave, forgive sinners, and give eternal life was skipped.

I want this to be an encouragement In the Holy Week observances to all Christians.   On especially Easter Sunday- those outside the church will visit.  Moms have wept tears to get their people in a service.  Unbelievers will attend for what they think are various reasons. YOU HAVE ONE JOB! Give them the gospel. LIFT JESUS UP.  We  HAVE ONE JOB - EVERY WEEK!

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