Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Answering a Christian Ethicist - Why Football?

I have seen a few blogs question asking is football ethical and should it be played by Christians.
Christian professor and ethicist Roger Olson wrote a challenging piece in particular.

Here I go.

Why football?
This is how I would explain it to an ethicist.
As a preacher, parent coach and educator here are many reasons  that answer why football.
No sport can showcase more students on a Friday night –players, band, trainers,
mangers, cheerleaders, flag corps and more.
It is the highest percentage of participants on a team sport – by far. 
Check senior nights.
How many play T-ball and how many seniors are on the high school baseball team-almost always single digits.
It’s dangerous as is staring down a curve ball, biking, horseback riding etc.
It has developed athletic training and sports medicine in America more than any sport.
Players have more physical evaluation and training that impacts their health for the good.
I have never been around a high school football coach who did not stress the importance and consequences for bad tackling.
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other sports ministries have grown with football.
It is the ultimate team game, with the ultimate amount of participants for a team sport.
If more played other team sports, rode bikes or horses I am sure they would have a major amount of serious issues to defend concerning health.
But the interest cannot be manufactured on what moves people.
Football moves people because it is all about people and emotion.
There is no stronger bond for men, many adults from minimal wage jobs to medical doctors, than a person’s high school football team.
Adversity, accomplishment and life lessons are instilled.
As Hall of Fame safety Larry Wison alluded to – it is life in 60 minutes.(48 for high school.)
That is it.

Plus it is the most interesting to watch in a compact time frame.

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  1. Fletcher and I played football together for many years, as did the majority of my closest friends. Yes, they are still my closest friends. The bonding experience and teamwork are incredible.