Monday, September 2, 2013

Dr. Steve Lemke Answers "The 7"

                                                           Dr. Steve Lemke
           Provost, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 
                                     ANSWERS -  "THE 7"
Dr. Lemke has been one of our long time players with Fletcher's Football Pick'em.  He has been a yearly winner in the past.  He is always dangerous and in contention to win it. He has a passion to serve the Lord.
If you know him in his free time he enjoys football - and like in theology he has a well thought out opinion that he will be glad to share with you .

1)When did you first get passionate about football?
Well, I'm from the South, so I don't ever remember not being passionate about football. I started attending Louisiana Tech football games when I was five, and missed few games through the years. Before that, I was going to some high school games. 

2) Who was your first favorite player and or team?
Louisiana Tech was my favorite team, though I cheered for most of the Texas teams (Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, etc.). Some of my early favorite players were Tech QB Mickey Slaughter (who played for the Broncos in the pros), Billy Cannon of LSU, John David Crow of Texas A&M, and Bert Jones of Ruston High School (who lived down the street from me), LSU, and the Colts.

3) What is one or some of your favorite football memories?
There are many, but in the old days Louisiana Tech played a grudge match every year at the Louisiana state fair against Northwestern State. We usually beat them, but in 1968 we were behind 39-35 to NSU. But with 25 seconds left on the scoreboard, Terry Bradshaw dropped back from his 18 yard line and fired a pass to Ken Liberto on the Northwestern 40 yard line. Liberto, who caught the pass on the run, split three NSU defenders and streaked into the end zone for the TD. Tech won again, 42-39.

4)  Can you name one favorite football event that says "That's why I care about football"?
I can't remember a specific event, but what I like most is when an underdog mid-major defeats a big school, or my team makes a great comeback.

5)  What is a Bible verse you refer to daily? Why?
John 3:16, Isa. 26:3-4, Mark 9:34

John 3:16 gives us the assurance of salvation.
Isa. 26:3-4 assures us of God's providential care.
Mark 9:34 helps me know God helps in the midst of my fallibility.
6)  Who is your team?
Louisiana Tech, Dallas Cowboys (in Babylonian exile), TCU (son is there)

7) Who wins it all in college football, the SEC and gets the Heisman?
Alabama, Alabama, and NOT Manziel (McCarron)

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