Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good News at Noon Prayer List 6/13/2013


Watch the video of one of Mr. B's Noon meal prayers.
Below is our new prayer list.

Good News at Noon Prayer List 6/13/2013

Mr. Marvin O. Richter, our hall of fame Thursday cook for almost 20 years is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Marvin is 90 years young.  Thank you for Marvin Lord and Bless him.

Bill Sailors a resident requests prayers for his health.  Hear our prayers Lord.

Jim Chapman’s recovery from a wreck.  Hear our prayers Lord.

We pray for Mr. B’s strength and thank you for his leadership and continual blessing he is to us.
Thank you Lord.

We pray for Abu and his full recovery from his head injury.  Hear our prayer Lord.

We pray for our good friend in jail.  Hear our prayer Lord.

We thank you for Amy’s special celebration and birthday party this week.
We pray for healing with this young mother and wife’s Parkinson disease.
Hear our prayer Lord.

We thank you and ask blessings for Sue Pope and her women’s ministry.
Hear our prayer Lord.  Thank you for the women who love her so and had a birthday party and celebration for their “Mother”.

Bless Tim Livingston our children’s ministry and his enthusiasm for children’s ministry.
Hear our prayer and strengthen him and give him rest Lord.

Bless Mike Robinson in his selfless work Lord.
Hear our prayer.

Bless and heal John Lilly our chairmen as he recovers from illness. 

Bless Mike Brown as he works to exhaustion in building our new men’s shelter.
Hear our prayer Lord.

Thank you for Thomas Ramirez and him helping a young mother receive salvation and her burden of probation lifted.  Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for blessing Neal Bledsoe and bless his prayer ministry.
Hear our prayer Lord.

Bless Darold Boyd and his Sunday School teaching.
Thank you Lord.

Bless Larry Martin as he runs the front desk and his health.  Thank you for Larry Lord.

Strengthen Pastor Fletcher in the Word and prayer and to trust in you only for employment along with his Good News ministry.

Lord hear us and dwell with us and trough us as we pray to yield to you more fully

Thank you for the article in the Atlanta Journal – Constitution May 26 about Good News, Mr. B and Thomas to magnify your work.  Bless and be real in the life of writer Christian Boone.

Thank you for the church who unsolicited sent us a strong contribution – you know our needs-a new shelter building-vans- food sources for family night and more.

Lord please send us musicians for worship to glorify you.

Help us to Lift Jesus Up in Word and deed.

In Jesus Saving Name we pray!


                 MR. B teaching on Thursday Family Night at 5:30.  Andrew distributes the food box.
                                                   We lift Jesus Up in Word and Deed!

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