Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good News at Noon Today in Spring 2013

MR.B is still ministering and amazing us!!!

Good News at Noon Today in Spring 2013

Many of my friends now know I am the Pastor-Director of Ministries and Public Relations for Good News at Noon as of April 1st.
My duties are to preach on Sunday mornings, minister to our Good News people, involve ministries and organizations and to get the word out about Mr. B’s Good News at Noon.
Why get the word out?  This ministry founded by Gene and Margie Beckstein in 1987 is well known.
It seems everybody in north Georgia has been blessed by GN@N.
We serve supper at 7:00 and lunch every day at noon 365 days a year at lunch and at 11:00 on Saturday.  We have a Sunday service at 11:00 and then provide a meal to worshipers.
“Mr. B” is still there each weekday at Noon and at Thursday Family Nights at 5:30  and Frank “Sinatra” Moore still sings ‘I’ll Fly Away” and ‘Beulah Land’. 
But……………..  Our finances are hurting.  Our facilities are worn out.  We need more beds.  We need new or newer vans to transport children and people to the doctor.   We need to build to meet the future. Let’s look at now for GN@N.

TOP 10 GN@N FACTS Folks Are Surprised To Learn
1. Good News at Noon is not connected in anyway with the now separate Good News Clinic.
The clinic has a separate board, funds and location.  They separated from us in around 2005.
     No you do not support Good News at Noon at work with United Way donations as we are a Jesus always based ministry and never will receive government funds or grants.
2.New folks to Hall County do not know who or what we are. 
              We are needed now more than ever.
3.We take clothes and furniture as well as donations as well as needed money at 979 Davis Street.
Mail Checks to Good News At Noon-PO Box 1577-Gainesville,GA 30503
4.We still serve men, women, children in deed and Word at our facility across from Melrose apartments. I will baptize one of Women’s Ministry director Sue Pope’s ladies soon.
5. To lift Jesus up (John 12:37) in deed and Word.(Col 3:17) is our theological position.
6.We are at a critical need for bulk food donations.  We have been cut off by some major national grocers.  Can you help with a solution for our need?
7.We have a Spanish speaking chapel.
8.We have 4  meal slots open for a church, business or family to provide a meal once a month.
9.We can put your church, business or motorcycle gang to work on facilities, food service, music recreation.  We can make it happen if it is for the sake of the gospel.
10.You have not visited us ever or recently.  Here is your invitation.  Contact me.

1.Mr. B, he turns 91 this June, is still working for the Lord.
2.Thomas Ramirez our on-site director
3.Mike Robinson in Operations
4.Willie Alexander – keeping it real!
5.Too many others to list-come meet them!
6.A great board
7.A generous Community
8.Generous churches
9.The Lord’s Blessing- Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit as we age and grow.
10.The lost, poor and dying people –male female, old, young, red,
yellow, black and white and tan that are precious in His sight.

We have church support from Episcopalians, Baptists, Methodist, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Presbyterians and independent churches.  We got our theological position from our founder Mr. B who got it from Jesus.  “Lift Jesus Up”  in deed and always the Word. 
We will never separate these.  We are a Christian ministry.  I lead or arrange Christian services. Again we need financial blessings. Our facilities are worn out. We need more beds.  We need new or newer vans to transport children and people to the doctor.   We need to build to meet the future.

     Contact me.

Lift Jesus Up!
(John 12:32)

Fletcher Law
Director of Ministries and Missions
Good News at Noon
979 Davis Street (Mail donations to PO Box 1577)
Gainesville, GA 30503
Cell- 770 561 2609

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