Monday, August 23, 2010

"Gird Up Your Loins Like A Man" IT's Football Pick'em Time

September 4TH is upon us. I got the picks out for "Football Pick'em 2010" week 1
out a week early. This year we will have weekly winners-and a total won loss winner including a woman's division as they also like to "gird up their loins". NASCAR rules in use as we have to make them up as we go. Last years winner as we know was Mike "Boo Boo" Smith. We will crown the winner with a December banquet at the Collegiate Grill after the college regular season. The "Football Pick'em" banquet is as prestigious as the Heisman banquet but has better food!

So "Gird up your loins like a Man" AND PLAY ! Job 38:3

This weeks opening schedule is as sleepy as Sunday School after the Homecoming Dance.
We have some great tie breakers to pep up this kick off week.
***Please answer on Facebook comments or on comments on this blog. Write your picks number and keep Smack Talk [A defining feature of Football Pick'em] to PG-13 and below. No pro games this week so we substituted some Yankee schools. It was that or the WNBA. We will feature SEC-ACC and Southern pro games played on Saturday and Sunday as it is written somewhere in the book of football proverbs.

1]LA Lafayette at Georgia My Pick -Georgia
2]Missouri at Illinois My Pick-Illinois[hope I don't get Zooked!]
3]South Carolina State at Georgia Tech My Pick-Georgia Tech [owns the SWAC]
4]Colorado at Colorado State My Pick-[Colarado]
5]Purdue at Notre Dame My Pick-[Notre Dame]
6]UCLA at Kansas State My Pick-[UCLA]
7]Kentucky at Louisville My Pick-[KY]-No Joke[er]-sorry
8]Connecticut at Michigan My Pick-[Connecticut]
9]JacksonvilleState at Ole Miss, My Pick-[Sandra Bullock for the mascot and Ole Miss]
10]Richmond at Virginia My Pick[Richmond Spiders]
11]Army at Eastern Michigan My Pick [Eastern Michigan]
12]San Jose at Alabama My Pick [Alabama]
13]Northwestern at Vanderbilt My Pick [Vandy]
14]LSU at North Carolina My Pick [LSU]
15]Cincinnati at Fresno State My Pick [Fresno State]
Tie breakers
1] Will Tennessee shut out UT Martin? [Yes or no] My Answer [yes]
Jeff White says yes means 10-4.
2] Who scores more points- Jacksonville State, San Jose State, South Carolina State or LA Lafayette? My answer -South Carolina State
3] Will Ole Miss have a sideline mascot for the opening game?
My Answer yes and Admiral Ackbar will seem like a good idea after the esteemed home of Archie has something silly on the sideline. My pick again -Sandra Bullock

Pick "Hard,Fair and Square"

In Christ Alone,

Fletcher Law

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coming Setember 29TH-Football Pick'em 2010 Sign Up and Rules

Why you need to play Football Pick'em 2010 -sponsored by Redeemer Men
1. It's Free.
2. You can make comments [smack talk] with your picks, G to PG-13 rating.
3. It's easy-type your picks on comment. You can comment on the blog or Facebook comments.
4. SEC-ACC-Southern pro games [Falcons,Saints,Panthers,Bucs]
5. You win with the mi
4. You will win with the most picks-plus tie breakers. like- Tim Tebow's eye Patch will be from the 1)OT 2)Gospels3) an epistle. You must be in the game to play this game.
5) NASCAR rules-make them up as needed.
6) Folks from Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Washington D.C.---this just in Tennessee ---Rocky Top native Jeff White has agreed to translate for Tennessee fans. This gives Jeff a head start in the Johnny Majors linguistics award category at the banquet.
7) How to register-I will send the link the Sunday night BEFORE September 4Th.
Deadline to register is Friday midnight of each game week. I will only have Saturday and Sunday games on the schedule so the winner can be awarded weekly on Sunday nights..
Winner receives THE ESTEEM OF ALL MEN AWARD at the December banquet at The Collegiate Grill. It's like the Heisman Banquet but with better food.

Job 38:8 "Gird Up Your Loins Like A Man" -and play!

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law