Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What God builds on in a Church

1) Expositional Preaching from the Holy Word- We can share humorous stories at lunch.
To little time and way to much Word to preach.
2) Biblical Theology- God is consistent in all 66 books that he is our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer.
3) The Gospel- Jesus Christ, fully God and man, lived a perfect life, died for my sins, His Righteousness placed on me, my sins were placed on Him at the cross. He Resurrected in Glory and sits at the right hand of the father and he will return for and with His own one day.
4) Biblical Understanding of conversion. Do you know and believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the world's one and only hope for salvation and peace with God? Do you believe it enough to learn and share it?
5) A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism- Do you understand that salvation is of the Lord.
Do you understand it when we say sinners hear the gospel, repent and believe the gospel.
Raising hands, baptism a prayer does not save us. Salvation is of the lord.
6) A Biblical Understanding of Church membership- God saves us totally. We are totally His in our attendance, worship, gifts, and service.
7) Biblical Discipline- The goal is not to shatter lives. The goal is to get sinners who are shipwrecking their lives and family to repent and turn back to the Savior. This restores lives and families.
8) A Concern For Discipleship and Growth- You were "Born Again". Don't stay an infant. Grow in knowledge and service and in worship!
9) Biblical Church leadership- These men are called to a high standard. They must strive to live a life of faith in Christ. They have souls in their care.
10) Humbly pray that the Lord will strengthen us to this high calling and impossible to perfect standard.

How You Can Start A New Church

1) No Expositional or Bible text preaching-That's old timey. Lifestyle coaching is hot on TV.
2) No Biblical Theology-Who are you to say you or God has a single interpretation?
3) No exclusive Gospel. Who are you to say that their is only one way to Heaven and peace with God?
4) Conversion-it can mean many things-have an open mind.
5) Why Evangelize and insult people from other cultures?
6) Church membership- Hey easy on this obligation business. People are busy today.
7) Church Discipline- was out with the Puritans, you want to be a Puritan?.
8) Discipleship and growth equals fun programs. Crowds mean good stuff is happening at church.
9) Biblical Church Leadership-We need people that can relate and help us be relevant.
10) Repent-You have just created another social club and service organization.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas poem-3 Things About the Christmas Babe

3 Things About The Christmas Babe

3 Kings presented alms to the Babe we are told

Because it is written their were 3 gifts

Gold, Frankincense and myrrh

Representing His life, death and return

The Babe lowly meek and mild left the world on a row of three crosses

3 men were on the 3 crosses

The 1 was a Babe was covered in 3 things

My sin, infirmity and desertion

The Babe left the world with 3 words

"It Is finished"

We received 3 gifts from His life, death and Resurrection

Forgiveness of sin, fellowship with the Father, eternal life in Glory

1 of the 3 on the row of crosses went to 3 places

death, the grave then hell

1 of the 3 went to 3 places

death, the grave and then to Paradise

The 1 Babe of Christmas on the cross went to 3 places

death, a tomb and to be seated at the right hand next to His Father

After his Resurrection He was seen doing 3 things on Earth

Fellowshipping, eating and forgiving

The 1 Babe ascended into Heaven for 3 things

To be glorified, rule and prepare to return

The Babe will judge us all on 3 things

Faith, Hope and Love

The 1 Babe is part of 3 The Father,Son and Holy Ghost

The 1 Babe is the same in 3 ways

Yesterday, today and forever