Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 9: Stop BOO BOO

It's Trick or Treat time and we have to stop Mike "Boo Boo" Smith and the Mighty Gators from winning.
The Gators and Boo Boo must be tricked.
This week we brought in a young gun Graham "G-Unit" Law to put the "Quietus" [An Erk Russell expression for stop] on Boo Boo. As we remember Erk let's hope for the spirit of Junkyard Defense past to return and and put Florida's Urban out on REFORMATION day in the spirit of John Knox.
Have fun this week.
Enjoy Graham's challenging picks.

In Christ Alone!



1. Westminster @ Buford

2. Commerce @ Social Circle

3. West Hall @ East Hall

4. Johnson @ Gainesville

5. Athens Academy @ Lakeview

6. Gilmer @ North Hall

7. Riverside @ Union County

8. Pickens County @ White County


9. Duke @ Virginia

10. N.C. State @ Florida State

11. Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt

12. Miami of Fla. @ Wake Forest

13. Rutgers @ Connecticut

14. Southern Miss. @ Houston

15. S.M.U. @ Tulsa

16. Tulane @ L.S.U.

17. Central Michigan @ Boston College

18. U.N.L.V. @ T.C.U.

19. Notre Dame VS. Washington State

20. Ole Miss @ Auburn

21. Georgia VS. Florida

22. Mississippi State @ Kentucky

23. South Carolina @ Tennessee

24. New Mexico State @ Ohio State


25 Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

26. New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tie Breaker

#1 Tebow's eye black will have what book on of the Bible-
Old Testament, Gospel, Epistle, Acts [History], or Revelation[Prophetic]?
#2 What will AJ Green's pass reception yardage be?
#3 How many rushing TD's will Tebow score Saturday?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 8, It's a Boo Boo World and Your Just A Mere Cloud

Pickers don't give up. Mike is 2 to 3 games up, but do not give up. Georgia did once beat Florida if history serves me right. George Law has already picked a Dawg upset two weeks early. Love the spirit "Junebug". Keep the optimism everyone. Don't stop picking. We can get it done.

Let's get it on.

1. Chestatee at NH-NH
2. East Hall at Johnson- Johnson
3, Flowery Branch at West Forsyth-FB
4. Gainesville at Gilmer- Gainesville
5. Riverside at Oglethorpe County -RMA
6. Georgia Tech at Virginia-GT
7. UCONN at West Virginia -WV
8. South Florida at Pitt- USF
9. Clemson at Miami-Miami
10. Arkansas at Ole Miss-Arkansas[Forgive me Archie.]
11. Oklahoma at Kansas-Kansas
12. Maryland at Duke-Duke
13. Tennessee at Bama-Bama
14. Boston College at ND-ND
15. Wake Forrest at Navy-Navy
16. UCLA at Arizona - UCLA
17.. TCU at BYU- TCU
18. Auburn at LSU-LSU
19. Oregon State at USC-USC
20. Florida at Mississippi State- Florida
21. Falcons at Cowboys- Falcons

Tie Breaker
#1 Does Gainesville get over 450 yards total offense against Gilmer?YES
#2 Tim Tebow rushing TD's-2
#3 Tebow's eye black have a gospel , epistle or Old Testament verse? Epistle
Tebow goes Pauline on 'em in Stark Vegas.

Have Fun.
In Christ Alone!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trick or Treat: Men at/or not at Worship.

Our church plant Redeemer Baptist is reaching out to the unchurched people of Hall County with a special interest in unchurched men.
In perspective I am 50 years old. I quickly listed seventy five names of unchurched people ten years older and ten years younger than myself. The practical reasons are divorce, job hours, just relocated etc. Their is a need here for these men, women and families who are not in worship to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to worship him.
I have a read a book recently Why Men Hate Going To Church.
The book gives reasons like church is not relevant, the church is geared to women by thermostat and format since women dominate church life and attendance in most American churches. The book says though 95% of the churches have male clergy the churches are mostly dominated by women so. The books general conclusion is to do things for men to make church palatable or a nicer more acceptable choice.

This takes me to a place where I am. At WAR.

I am at war because this world has deceived our men women and children.
At war with society,friends and family and others I love, who scripture does not tell us are not there [in worship] because we do not have motorcycle rallies, i-phone giveaways or wild game suppers. I am at war because the lie and sting of sin in all of our lives have been diluted by the world and the only saving gospel of Jesus Christ has been kept from people.
The often church and myself have foolishly linked being in church with being in a right relationship with God.
Get this straight if you are in a right relationship with God trough the redemptive work of Jesus Christ as He atoned for you to be made right with God by His murder on the cross-No One could keep you from worship-BUT YOU!
The question I have to ask people I love, who see the one who gives Christian witness as the enemy is -ARE YOU AN ENEMY OF GOD?
Hey we are only human. We work hard, we are busy, we are tired and we are only human right?
Right and that is the problem. We are enemies of God because we have taken HIS place of importance. If you read this and do not think this applies to you YOU ARE IN ETERNAL DANGER.
John Wesley to the early Methodists asked them in the 1700's "Do you desire to flee the wrath to come?" Jesus taught of the dangers of hell more than anybody in the Bible. Friends the wrath is not about not being a bad person in our society. The wrath of God will be poured out on those not in relationship by the work only Jesus Christ could do at the cross.
The wrath is the wrath of God poured out on unredeemed humanity as God gives the most severe punishment to all unrighteousness humans. That is all unredeemed people. Arrogant in the eyes of God.
The prophet Isaiah says in Isaiah 64:7 "But we are like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; We all fade as a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, Have taken us away." Our good deeds are seen as filthy rags before the Lord. My friends that's the bad news. Arrogant people do not worship because they do not see the need to. What sin ? , I'm a good person at heart is their response.
They often ask the stupidest question ever when they say things like "I can not believe that a how a loving God would send any one to Hell.? Scripture descries God as loving but also as jealous and a consuming fire. You can not meet His standards and he can not lesson his righteousness and tolerate sin. He is Sovereign and can not diminish the only goodness in existence.
Jesus Christ the Babe of Christmas took our punishment and God placed his righteousness on us by having the wrath of humanity poured out on Him instead of God's people. Our salvation It is undeserved but given by grace for no reason than God's gracious pleasure.

Romans 5: 6-10 [NKJV] For when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely will a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man some-one would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, Much more then, having now been justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath trough him. For if when we were ENEMIES we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through Him we have now received the reconciliation."
A great price was paid. Christ perfect life for our sins! Men do not "Try Jesus" Give Him your life your worship. You are an enemy with God if you do not worship Him for salvation. When enemies of God hear the first commandment "To have no other gods before Me." They have placed yourself on the throne as the deity in your life and you are in rebellion as much as the worst terrorist on earth!
Every Sunday we worship at Redeemer we will read a part of the Law that we are told to meditate on day and night in scripture, We will better know the character of Christ and the love of Christ who would save a wretch like me.
I love all my friends and family and care for readers who I do not know to not share the gospel that through Jesus Christ life death and Resurrection that you yes you will be ransomed, pardoned and eventually made whole by the King of Creation.
I love you to much not to present and confess that and I beg your forgiveness if I have failed to share the good news with you.
I love you too much to not present the gospel to you. The way of the world is death.
Worshiping the King is life. You now the other way. Live life, pray to the Father, repent of your sins, turn to Jesus for mercy, He will hear your humbled heart. Be born again. He is worthy of worship and made Himself so.
Men do not be tricked.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Football Pick'em week week 7

I feel like Jonathan Crompton the Tennessee Quarterback. It takes a while but I'm catching on. I won week 6. Bet CBS college football commentator David Pollack wishes he had never coined the trem of being "INCROMPOTENT" in describing the Tennessee QB's previous bad outings.
Pickers watch what you say. It's just a game but real people play them.
Let's get it on.

1. North Hall at Pickens County-NH
2. White County at Chestatee- White County
3. East Hall at Flowery Branch-FB
4. Johnson at West Forsyth -West Forsyth
5. Prince Avenue at Lakeview-Lakeview and the Gruhn Gang
6. Fannin County at Riverside -RMA
7. Texas at Oklahoma [played in Dallas] - Texas
8. Iowa at Wisconsin -Wisconsin
9. Louisville at UCONN -Louisville
10. UGA at Vandy -UGA
11. Appalachain State at Wofford -Wofford
12. Texas Tech at Nebraska -Texas Tech
13. Virginis Tech at GT -VT
14. South Carolina at Bama -South Carolina by a visor
15. Kentucky at Auburn - Auburn
16.Memphis at Southern Miss-Memphis-[Tommy gets it done,avenges Bowers. Conference USA don't mess with our Gainesville coaches!]
17. Navy at SMU -SMU
18 Wake Forrest at Clemson -Wake
19. USC at Notre Dame -Notre Dame
20. Falcons host Bears - FALCONS
Tie Breaker
Number 1- Does Notre Dame wear home green jersies Saturday against USC? YES
Number 2-How many Dawg AJ Green receiving yards against Vandy? 99
Number 3-How many Falcon Roddy White receiving yards against Da Bears? 45

As my high school Coach Bobby Gruhn used to say in his pre-game prayer
"Play hard, fair and square like Your Son taught us to in the book."
Have fun this week!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football Pick'em week6

Week six and the Dawgs need another strategy to win other than having a wide receiver block a last second field goal to not lose.
Let's get it on.

*** *** *** New rule. You must number your picks & have tie-breaker. Missing some games has cost some pickers.

1. Chestatee at Gilmer My Pick The T
2. East Hall at Gainesville My Pick Big Red
3. Flowery Branch at NH My Pick NH
4. Johnson at West Hall My Pick Johnson
5. Lakeview at Social Circle My pick Social Circle
6. Cross Keys at Buford My pick Buford
7. Commerce at Athens Christian My pick Commerce

8. Georgia at Tennessee My Pick UGA
9 Bama at Ole Miss My Pick OLE MISS Bring it Saban !
10. Auburn at Arkansas My Pick-Arkansas
11. Florida at LSU My Pick UF Tebow with half a brain lobe tied behind his back
12. Kentucky at South Carolina My Pick South Carolina
13. Vandy at Army My pick Vandy
14. FSU at GT My Pick GT
15. Michigan at Iowa My Pick Iowa
16. Air Force at TCU My Pick TCU
17. Duke at NC State My pick NC State
18. Southern Miss at Louisville My pick Southern Miss
19. Houston at Mississippi State My pick Houston
20. BYU at UNLV My pick BYU
21. Fresno State at Hawaii My pick Fresno

Pro Game
22. Falcons at 49'Er's My Pick Falcons

Tie Breaker-1
Celebration penalties in the UGA UT game My Pick 0
Tie breaker #2
Total points UGA vs, UT game-- My pick 47
Tie Breaker #3
Total receiving yards by UGA's AJ Green 99

Have Fun this week.
Praise the LORD!


Friday, October 2, 2009

David Letterman and Middle Age Crazyness

David Letterman dropped a bomb on his audience Thursday night as he described he did some "terrible things" with some staff members. In other words the married Letterman and father of a six year old son disclosed this in beating the tabloids to disclosure his affairs. Is this judging? No.
This is his disclosure, not to be confused with confession or repentance.
Dave disclosed in a "wacky" [one of his favorite words] way.
Dave was being blackmailed by a CBS producer of the news show 48 hours.
The audience reportedly laughed and applauded the disclosure on TV.

I'm not judging just commenting.
Dave has been a grumpy old man the last few years. His savage attacks on George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and her daughter went from satire to disgusting in any view. Once a fun loving young man on camera he is a scowling presence I have not cared to tune in the last few years.

Dave might could learn from King David. Absolute power corrupts.
I wonder if the gap toothed, hair thinning aging man in his mid-fifties all of a sudden thought "Hey young girls must think I'm sexy."
What he needs to understand is that money, fame and prestige are what people want.
As someone in town said about a adulterous business man said-
"Women did not want what was in the front of his pants but the back of his pants, his wallet."
If he publicly confesses many will want to say it's his business not yours.
His business spread in the hurt of his family, others and their family publicly.
Letterman did say something about mid-western Lutheran guilt.
Every one has guilt. Some hide it some follow what King David did.

Dave follow Luther know you are sinner. Like the rest of us you sinned. Unlike us yours was very public by choice. choice of vocation and success.
Read Luther he deals with sin.
And read the scriptures about another David who had greater fame than you could fathom if you are not too drunk with importance..
Psalm 51:1-2 says"Have mercy on me. oh God. according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!"
That's advice we all have to take to make it right through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Christ interceded to atone for our sins and to make us right with God.
A good Neilson rating will not help any of us with our sin problem.

In Christ Alone!