Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Pick'em Week 5-Oct..2-4

Winners so far-Boo Boo twice, Bone, Pork. Somebody without a nickname has got to win this weekend.
It's big conference and Region weekend up so buckle up or as we say in church "gird up your loins."

1. Athens Academy at Commerce-My Pick Athens Academy
2. West Forsyth at Gainesville- My Pick GHS
3. Creekview at Johnson My pick-Creekview
4. White County at North Hall-My pick North Hall
5. West Hall at Flowery Branch - My Pick Flowery Branch

6. LSU at Georgia-My Pick Dawgs
7. Bama at Kentucky- My pick Bama
8. Arkansas vs. Texas A&M- My Pick Arkansas
9. Auburn at Tennessee- My pick Auburn
10. Georgia Tech at Mississippi State- My pick MISTAKE [MSU]
11. Ole Miss at Vandy - My Pick Ole Miss[sorry Broderick]
12. Oklahoma at Miami - My Pick Oklahoma
13. Michigan at Michigan State- My pick Michigan
14. Air Force at Navy-My pick Navy
15. Southern Cal at California- My pick Southern Cal
16. Jets at Saints -My Pick Saints

Tie breaker #1 Sewanne at Centre College [Ben Pless gets it done on short yardage at OT for the Episcopalians] My pick-Sewanee
Tie Breaker #2 Belhaven College at at Faulkner My pick - Belhaven
Tie Breaker #3 Receiving yards by UGA's A.J. Green 89 yds

Have Fun this week.
Come to our first worship service Sunday on October 4th At Riverside Chapel across from
Little Italy. We will worship once a month [the first Sunday each month] till Easter.
Then we will be going every Sunday.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Law Of The LORD is Perfect in Converting the Soul, why evangelize any other way?

A discussion about evangelism can get many opinions.
I have had many discussions lately about using the law [10 commandments] in evangelism.
Psalm 19:7 says "The Law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple."
Paul wrote " What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! I would have not known I sin except through the law. ---" [Romans 7:7]
Galatians 3:13 says "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law."
We use the law to begin evangelism. People need to know what they are convicted from-which is sin-then they are humbled and see the need for salvation-and a Savior.
But their is a curse and it is the consequences of our sin in breaking the law.
We must know we are sinners needing to be saved.
And thanks be to God Jesus Christ saves us from our sins.
Galatians 3:13 further says "having become a curse for us, as it is written cursed is anyone who hangs on a tree."
Jesus used the law in evangelism. [Matthew 19:16-22]
I think I will use the law then in evangelism.

Georgia Bulldog coach Mark Richt has a radio talk show.
Fans call in to give advice disguised as questions. They know football, they think, more than this championship coach.
The LORD is sovereign and gives COMMANDMENTS.
King Jesus used the law - the commandments in evangelism.
If a coach can get frustrated with fans- then how much more will THE KING be frustrated when we know a better way to evangelize.
The Law of the LORD is perfect, in converting the soul" [Psalm 19:7]
If the law is perfect in conversion of sinners to saints I guess I can not improve on evangelism technique.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football Pick'em week 4

This weeks schedule will be ramped up like the most popular red head in Georgia since Tommy Nobis-Joe Cox! At least for this week. Dawg fans are tough. This week is tougher.

1. North Hall at Creekview My pick -Creekview
2. Riverside at East Jackson My Pick -East Jackson
3. Pickens at Chestatee. My Pick -Chestatee
4. Flowery Branch at Johnson My Pick Flowery branch
5. Lincoln County at Commerce My pick-Lincoln County
6. Gainesville at West Hall My pick-Gainesville
7. Decatur at Buford My pick- Buford makes
Decatur pay for Junebug's GHS '46 loss

8. Arkansas at Alabama My Pick-Bama
9. Arizona State at Georgia My pick-Dawgs
10. TCU at Clemson My pick-TCU
11. South Florida at Florida State My pick-FSU
12. North Carolina at Georgia Tech My Pick -GT
13. Miami at Virginia Tech My Pick-Miami
14. Texas Tech at Houston My Pick- Texas Tech
15. Fresno State at Cincinnati My Pick - Cincinnati
16. Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots My pick- NE but hate it.

Tie breaker
#1 Georgia Southern at Elon My pick-Elon
#2 Shorter at Faulkner My pick- Shorter
#3 Gainesville High total offense against West Hall - My pick 425 yards

Have fun this week. Read John chapter 4 on worship. Go Birds make me wrong.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joel Osteen Infects Baptist And Christian Thought

Baptist and all Christians need a vaccine from the Pentecostal derived health and wealth "Best Life Now" thinking.
It's been a few years since that book from Osteen came out and now the symptoms are hitting good Baptist thought that now bends towards a "PentaBaptist" life view in our lay people. Some good folks think - "I pushed the right buttons and pulled the right levers and ta da look what I got God to do for me!" We had the germ [book]. Now we have the symptoms.
Katrina, family illness, unemployment, were not here because we did not think right. We can cause our own problems for sure but we can not live in a sovereignty of Satan. If we believe that way we are living in a voodoo culture where we need a shaman to help us with an incantation to get things right.
People who do right often suffer. Innocent kids are suffer in agonizing lives. Senior citizens are neglected. Some of our best missionaries live on pennies in the third world.
People who do wrong often prosper in our economy.
Some think this best life is so great they can not envision a better one.
Some are in poverty and oppression and look expectantly to be by the throne of Heaven.
They are looking in the right place.
Where does our help come from?
Our positive thoughts like in the book The Secret?
Does our help come from manipulation of the Almighty?

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved: he who holds you will not slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going pout and your going in from this time firth and forevermore." Psalm 121 [ESV]

Justice, mercy and grace will prevail but the LORD never said in this evil. world.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Problem with God: Men Measure Jehovah and find Him Lacking

As a church planter I am constantly amazed when people, especially men, turn from God as if a better flavor Deity will come up that will serve them better.
Their is a book entitled "Why Men Hate Going To Church".
Some of the reasons listed for men not wanting to go to church are
-Church does not relate to manly men.
-The church does not live up to the idol of what is RELEVANT to sinful man.
-Church is too feminized. We have mostly male pastors. But women run most churches.
-Thermostat. The worship, music, sermons are set to women. [Probably because in most churches women are the largest in number.]

God seeks man. Sinful man does not seek God

Men hear about a friend called Jesus that will be their life coach, pilot or is it co-pilot
and the bestest buddy they could ever want. We can get that from Dr. Phil. Sinful man can take or leave that.

The Bible speaks about our identity and God's.

Then the Bible says we are sinners [Romans 3:23].
And James 4:4 says we are enemies of God.
So God does not see himself as a bestest buddy who can be treated any way
and then be snapped at for reconciliation.

God does not see himself as a partner but as King.
God says he is love. [[1 john4:16]
God says He is a consuming fire. [Deuteronomy 4:24]
God has the audacity to be jealous. [Exodus 20:5]
And God says he is Holy. [Leviticus 19:2].
King David rightly declared there is no one else like the LORD.
God declares himself King not buddy. He demands to be worshipped as such.
It's true the president can be friends with his barber but the president is still the president.
The president might be the barbers friend but he will not ask the barber for permission to run the country.

Men have an identity problem. They can not see that they are sinners. The first commandment is broken most. Many men's god is in their mirror.
Men also have an identifier problem in that they do not see God as the Sovereign King of the universe whose blessings given and withheld control their life.
Men abhor the laws of this king.
The king who holds the keys to life and salvation is deemed unworthy by sinful man.

God Almighty unbelievably seeks us!
Moses approached the Lord in Exodus 3 as the Lord appeared as a burning bush.
The Lord commanded Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground.
I think the Lord put Moses feet in the dirt a the presence of the Lord as the Lord was a fire.
Man came from dirt. The Lord was in a fire that would not ever be extinguished.
Moses could not approach God in the fire but God has approached man.

We can not go to Mount Horab to see the fire or Mount Sinai..
We can approach Mount Calvary where Jesus Christ took on our sin and paid for our sins
by taking our punishment with his death on the cross. We can receive the results of Jesus Christ righteousness as we receive the blessings of Christ as his perfect life is ceded to us. We are made right with God and receive salvation and eternal life.
That is relevant. That is worthy of worship. that's our king.
He has always declared himself relevant.
He declared it forever at Calvary.

In Christ Alone!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain In Taking Up The Cross

When we take up the cross and we follow the "Man of Sorrows". We are not, in conversion to Christ, then made immune from sickness, heart break or tragedy.
I have heard many discussions about "Why do bad things happen to good people?". I have heard reformed theologian R.C.Sproul answer shortly and simply "What good people?".
The psalmist David says you and I were born in iniquity. Being sinners is our state on earth.
When one of us not good people are redeemed by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ,
the world knows the difference when sickness, heart break and tragedy happen in their lives.

One of the greatest young women I have ever known is Abbey Hulsey Ayers.
It is hard to believe that she is twenty eight years old. I taught her years ago as I was fortunate
to be her elementary PE teacher years ago at Tadmore Elementary School.
As the national news reported last week her husband Pastor Jonathan Paul Ayers was gunned down by police in a colossal mistake. This horrible tragedy will be unwoven in the court system later. Pastor Ayers was a young pastor of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia, GA. He unexpectedly and needlessly lost his life in a violent fashion.
This young lady was sixteen weeks pregnant at the time her husband was shot by undercover Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents. What does a believer do when horror of a needless loss of life happens in their lives and changes it forever?

The death of Pastor Ayers was on a Wednesday. The funeral was on the following Friday.
What does the widowed expectant mother do? She gives the altar call at her slain husband's
funeral. Two people came forward to profess saving faith in Jesus Christ. These two people are now citizens of heaven as a result or her response to horror.
Their is a difference in the redeemed of Christ.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

Does God Care About Football? Football Pick'Em Week 3

Some people have cracked that their should be no prayer at football games. Their reasoning is that "God does not care who wins a football game." My answer -"God cares about everything- our health, travel mercies, our behavior." Whether public prayer should be held at government secular event is another matter for another blog.
In my opinion a football game is more important than any sparrow or how many hairs are on somebodies' head.
As for God I know he cares about how he is worshiped and received.
Now some fun stuff.

Here we go for a big football week on week 3.

1. North Hall @ Gainesville My Pick-Big Red
2. Johnson @ Pickens My Pick Pickens
3. North Oconne @ Riverside My pick-RMA
4. White County @ West Hall My pick-White County
5. North Georgia Christian @ Skipstone My Pick-NGCS

6. UGA @ Arkansas My Pick-Dawgs
7. West Virginia @ Auburn My Pick-Turky Buzzards [AU]
8. Tennessee @ Florida My Pick- Florida[Tebow over evil punk]
9. Louisville @ Kentucky My Pick-UK
10. Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt My Pick-[MisTake] MSU
11. Florida State @ BYU My Pick-FSU
12. Nebraska @ Virginia Tech My Pick-Va.Tech
13. Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons My Pick -ATL BIRDS
Tiebreaker #1-How many interceptions will Panther QB Jake DelHomme throw?* 2
Tiebreaker #2-Rushing yards for Falcon Michael Turner? *122

This weks schedule is harder than a Mitch Strickland flipper to the face.

Have Some Fun This Week.
In Christ Alone,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bible Study First Topic -Why Church?

Why Church? Will be answered at the Bible study starting next Sunday Night, September 13th,
6:30 PM at Jack Waldrip Real Estate located on 200West Academy Street in downtown Gainesville Georgia next to the library. This is the first of our weekly bible studies starting this week.

Why Church?
Jesus thought it was important as He went to church [synagogue] as was His habit the scripture records.
God commands it, DEMANDS it, and changes his people in it.
You will not hear pop psychology or therapy.
No free I-pod drawing.
What changes people is the word of God.
We will have great fellowship, come casual and maybe go out afterwards.
We will not waste your time .
This is a Bible study that through God's revealed Word can change your life, family and eternity.

In Christ Alone!


WEEK 2 Football Pick'em for For the weekend of Sept. 11-13

People often ask "Does God care who wins a football game?"
Lou Holtz answered the question and said "No but His mother does."

Last weeks winner- David "Bone" Hulsey on the tiebreaker
over Helen Perry and Kaitlin Law, all with just 1 loss.
The year end season winner will get a steak dinner from Longstreet Cafe at our
"Most Esteemed by All Men Banquet" after the UGA-Tech game.

Here we go for week 2.
These picks are as tough to choose as the 1969
Candler Street Greenies and Enota Rams
[Historical note: Scrambler QB Johnny Pless led the Greenies in a convincing win over the David Dukes led Ram defense. It was then on to the Toy Bowl and glory for the Greenies]

1.Chestatee vs. Johnson
My pick-Johnson
2.Flowery Branch vs. Creekview
My Pick- Flowery Branch
3.Gainesville at White County
My Pick-Gainesville
4.Riverside at Rabun County
My Pick-Riverside [cadets getting tougher]
5. Lakeview at Hebron Christian
My Pick- Lakeview [Gruhn getting it done]

[Tech vs. Clemson left off because it is a Thursday night game}
6.Georgia vs. South Carolina
My Pick-UGA, don't give up the bone.
7.Auburn vs. Mississippi State
My Pick-Aurburn [Smart guys, the N stands for Nowledge]
8.Tennesse vs. UCLA
My Pick UT in the battle of punk coaches
9.Virginia vs. TCU
My Pick-TCU
10. Notre Dame at Michigan
My Pick ND

11. Tie Breaker
#1 Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins
My Pick- Falcons
#2 Matt Ryan Passing yards
My Pick-225 yards

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Amusement Only

As those little white cards Craig West used to pass in high school my picks are for
*For Amusement only*!
We are in week 2 for high schools and we are waiting for colleges to kick off.
The year end winner will get a Dairy Queen milkshake and great esteem among all men.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech. My pick Bama
Auburn vs. Louisiana Tech My pick La. Tech
Georgia at Oklahoma State My pick Georgia
Ole Miss at Memphis My pick. Ole Miss

Gainesville High at Franlin County My pick GHS
Lakeview at Towns County My pick Towns
North Hall at Buford My pick Buford
Riverside vs. Banks County My pick Riverside
Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville State My pick with caveats Georgia Tech

Tie breaker- Number of yards Richard Samuels gains against Oklahoma State?
My pick -.128 yards
To play you must answer on the comment section of the blog and register with google or however you can respond.
I can do it so can you.