Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Party at The Collegiate, support 4 year old David Charlton who is on chemo

The Most Laid Back Christmas Party 2001 will happen Tuesday December 20th from 5:30-7:00 PM. What do you do? Show up and eat. BYOB (Buy your own burger) Throw a donation in the hat to support 4 year old David "Bubby" Charlton, on chemo and suffering from LANGERHAN'S CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS.
His young mother Heather (the mother of three and former West Hall High student) and father Dustin Charlton (Navy vet, GHS grad and Hall County Sheriff's Department employee) are constantly taking David to Emory, using gas, paying for rooms and missing work.
Lets help our Hall County folks.

Who will be there?
Fletcher Law and Grace Ministries Bible study, Riverbend Baptist Seeker's Sunday School class members, we will ask GHS and West Hall alums and teachers, Fletcher's Football Pick'em participants plus law enforcement folks and you are invited.

No singing, plays, or speeches, no clean up, no food to fix. Just fun and fellowship to help out.

David Bubby Charlton is a 4 year old from Gainesville.
From the Caring Bridges Hospital page with the full scoop from his mother
"David was diagnosed with LCH (LANGERHAN'S CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS) on 9/10/2008. on 10/11/2010 we were told David's LCH has spread to his GI tract and will now be on chemo for 6 months to a year.As of April 15, 2011 David WAS in remission!
He recently relapsed this past August and will undergo another year of chemo.
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers."

The Charlton Family

To donate money for medical expences donate to
David Charlton
(BOA) Bank of America
account #- 334030717615
routing#- 026009593

written by Heather Charlton (from David's Caring Bridges page)

Another trip to childrens
David received chemo on Friday. On the way home he began to cry with pain which is normal for him after chemo. The next day he was still in pain. Sat night he began to cry with his neck. I took him in the kitchen to look at it and saw all of the lymph nodes in his neck were patruding out of his skin. I called the on-call hemoc doctor and she told me to get him to children's immediately.
They looked him over and told us they were gonna work him up for an infection. They began 2 antibiotics through his port and sent us to the hemoc floor. The ER doc said his labs were fine which made them wonder if it was viral or if in fact the lCH had spread lymphadically.
The hemoc doc ran more tests and decided it was in fact viral. They did keep him and he is now being ready to be discharged and he can also return to school! We are so very excited for him. Thank you all for the continued support and prayers

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