Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"What does the Bible have to say about a church saving money? I am a member of a church that has an abundance of financial resources currently. We are between Pastors, with our most recent Pastor leaving us to move to another local church, then sueing us two weeks later. WE've got some members taht believe we should just give him whatever he wants financially, doesn't matter if we are "right" or "wrong" in the matters set forth by the lawsuit. There are others that want to spend the money on an abunance of short-term programs, and others that want to wait until we have a Pastor, with a better defined direction & have the lawsuit behind us - which could be another 2 - 8 years. So, what does the Bible say about wise use of resources and saving money, particularly as a church? Thanks for your help."


The Bible does not say anything about a church saving money. The Bible does say clergy can be paid. [John 10:12] Scripture also says we should minister to those of the church, especially widows and orphans. [James 1:27] Your question says nothing about why a former pastor is suing your church. The command to not sue believers is being ignored and the testimony of the pastor and the witness of your church is in jeopardy . Their is great dysfunction in this described situation and mediation by Christian leaders is needed. [1st Corinthians 6:1-11] This scripture applies directly to your church situation.

A church can only spend what it has. No one needs to out spend their budget. A balanced budget with balanced giving will tell a church how much it can spend on ministry. Yes we often need buildings and have to pay utility bills and pay staff to maximize ministry and missions. A budget made and kept will keep your church in financial integrity. A budget will also help you grow and plan for future ministries and missions.

The biggest concern is that, from the information from your question, your particular church is not like minded in purpose, vision and in what ministries and missions your church is called to do. This should happen before any grand financial plans to use God's money are planned and carried out. [1 Peter 3:8]

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