Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Presbyterians, No Christmas and Finding a New Church OH MY!

Here is a proposed question to me unedited.


Question:192567: Thank You for the knowledge you have given/passed ! I had a dear friend of mine who is a Presbyterian. He says he does not believe in celebrating Christmas because Christ had never said a word about it nor his disciples. He further says, with great surety, that Presbyterian Church is the only church that practices the true teachings of the Bible. Now, how to go with him !? In this context i would request you to elaborate para 3 & 7 of your answer, please. In the North East state of Arunachal Pradesh(India) there is rapid spread of Revival Church. I have the feeling that this church's teaching is somewhere in the line of Presbyterian one but however one would like the other, why so ? Who is to be blamed for such divisions ? Why can't Revival Church be simply a Baptist church ?

Presbyterians come with a variety of views on aspects of practice concerning Christianity. That's true with all Christians and denominations. Presbyterians trace their theological heritage to John Calvin. In the 1700's some Puritans in America objected to rowdy and drunken pagan like celebrations that claimed to celebrate the birth of Christ. Scripture does not say to not observe or to observe Christmas. Presbyterians do not have a rule against Christmas. This is a individual or local church matter. Christ is to be worshiped. Matthew 4:10, John 1:1 and Hebrews 1:8 support the worship of Christ as do many Bible passages. You have the right to observe the birth of your Savior. As far as Presbyterians I have known some that believe the superiority of Reformed theology, infant or covenant baptism and their form of church government. That is their opinion or practice. Their are conservative and liberal and all kind of Presbyterians. Your friend is convinced his beliefs or practice are best. To claim his denomination only teaches the "truth" of the Bible is troubling. If he is exclusionary to other Christians and deny their freedom in Christ I would be concerned. He might just be exuberant about his church. Pray for discernment concerning your relationship with him.
As far as Revival Church I have no way of knowing if they are Presbyterian by their website. You should ask a church leader. All true Christians share core beliefs in Christ as Savior. As far as baptism, the mode of baptism, who can partake in the Lord's supper, baptism in The Spirit and "eternal security" seem to be what divides
denominations. If you are separated from those who fellowship like you need to find a church body that you can fellowship with. You should be able to fellowship and worship with other Christian groups with out "joining". To be in leadership though you would need to promote the church's doctrine. Brother celebrate the diversity in Christ. If you are a Baptist Christian, and have no Baptist Church in your area, you might consider, with prayer and affirmation, starting one. Be glad you can choose how to be a Christian by your study, prayer and maturing in the faith and learning from mature Christians.

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