Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Greatest Pro QB's -By their play not your hype

Heard Peter King and Colin Cowherd give opinions on who they think are the greatest pro quarterbacks. These guys needed help in my opinion. After being amazed by Tebow's great outing Sunday in his 12-19-10 start against the Raiders (3rd QB in history, not rookie QB, to pass for a 40 yard TD and run for a fifty yard TD), I decided to list the 10 best pro QB's ever. Here is my definitive list of the 10 greatest pro quarterbacks in NFL history.
Don't let facts hurt your feelings.
1) Otto Graham- Cleveland Browns. 1946-1955. The wins, 10 seasons 10, championship games, 7 titles. Innovator of modern football with head coach Paul Brown. He is who you wish your number one favorite QB was. Coach Paul Brown and Graham are who Belichick and Brady think they are.
2)Joe Montana-he made the Niners. Timing -leadership-poise at the highest level.
A sibling of mine declared in 1979 that he would never play pro football.
3)Tom Brady-Awesome in play, comebacks, hair and people hate him because he is awesome at everything.
4) Terry Bradshaw- Awesome tough athlete. National high school javelin record holder. 4 rings, lots of haters.
5) Fran Tarkington- "The Scrambler" got three teams to the Super Bowl with talent like Ed Marinaro on the Vikings. He even got the late 1ate 1960's NY Giants into contention.
6) Bart Starr- Never made big mistakes. Tough. Way underrated.
7) Peyton Manning- Colts-present day Clumsy looking. Should have gone to Ole Miss. I pick how it is. He is great. Looks up to no one but Brady.
8) Bob Griese- He does not choke. Dull but winning in his consistency.
9)Roger Staubach- Most legitimate documented comebacks in NFL history. Hated them. he beat out Gainesville's Billy Lothridge for the Heisman. But he was awesome.
10) Kenny Stabler- He won the big games because he played in them. For one game he is my all timer.
Tie*** Kurt Warner- Had many haters. Why? Stats , wins leadership. Off the charts on his official QB rating.

Why did my guy not make it?
John Elway-Selfish player. They won on terrell davis running at the end of his career.
Johnny Unitas- Had 6 great years. Unfortunately he played 17. I know he had a flat top and black high tops-so?
Joe Namath-4 Good years and a great Super Bowl. Played thirteen years.
Dan Fouts- All yardage and no hardware.
Steve Young- A few great years on a dynasty at the end.
Troy Aikman- Serviceable on great teams

Future New Breeds of the game
Mike Vick if he can stay out of trouble.
Vince Young if his head gets on right.
Tebow. Does it all right and people are tripping over themseves to find flaws.

Answer on comments.


  1. I really like the top ten quarterbacks, very solid. On the other hand I don't feel Vince Young (Vince isn't that good with his head on straight either, I'm solely referring to him as a pro and not as a collegiate quarterback) or Tebow are ever going to be a threat to the current list.

    Vick, maybe, he had an incredible year, one of the most exciting ever. Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and I don't like Roethlisburger but he is in contention for the up and comers too.

    Completely agree in Elway, selfish. Favre deserves honorable mention for sure. Unitas is way better than to mentioned alongside Fouts, Namath, and Aikman.

  2. Good thoughts Lew.
    The young running QB's will be fun to watch develop.
    Big Ben needs to be included of course.
    Good point in Unitas.
    People get mad about that but he had great years - with just as many years not being great.