Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whats In A Name?

Names are important. We place great value on them. It took three days to name my son. The hospital people would not let us check out a name for a baby. Sports teams have a name. We picked a good name in Graham. We named him from inspiration printed on a book on our coffee table - Peace With God by Billy Graham. My Alma Mater Ole Miss seems to have a schizophrenic idea about staying with Rebels as their mascot. They also have chosen a Black Bear as their "sideline mascot". Two names? But their are a lot of names more important than sports team names and even our own given names.

Names are important and people associate themselves with names and names to people. Acts 11:26 says "and the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch." That is awesome that in first century Christianity that the followers of Christ knew who they were and were not confused. They were not some new age "Christ followers." They were not trying out a new fad, and then on to the next one. They did not get to say cool things like "I'm spiritual but not religious." Or, "I like Jesus I just hate his church or followers." Their is even a quote by Gandhi that says something like this, though it was reported in Christianity Today that Gandhi never anything so arrogant as that. Some folks just hate the name Christian.
Even some non Christians understand what we do not-Christ Jesus suffered, bled and died and received the wrath of God in substitution for His church. That is not trivial. Or, do the Christians today really believe what Jesus thought about His bride. And why are we so quick to turn from it, avoid worship for the slightest social conflict, neglect personal evangelism.

We, Christians who are the body and bride of Christ Jesus have received a wonderful
name that associates us with the "Anointed One". Revelation 2:17 that to him who overcomes Christ will give us a new name written on a white stone. Christ knows him that intimately. Have you received that write to receive your group or team name will you get a new name in Heaven?
Pray for our churches to preach the gospel.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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