Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 5,Football Pick'em:Gird Up Your Loins Like A Man"Job 38:3

Week 5 will get us going. Dawn Parks "girded up her loins" and beat JC "Gainesville's Beano Cook" Smith, Pete "Scwab Beater" Fierro, Mike "Reigning Champ" Smith to win the tiebreaker. The humble Dawn did credit hubby Steve- a little.
Higher stakes.
Pick hard, fair and square.
Pray for our churches to preach the gospel.
In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law
1]Kansas at Baylor -My Pick Baylor
2]Miami at Clemson- My Pick Miami[2 programs a shell of themselves]
3]Vandy at Connecticut -My pick Vandy
4] Florida State at Virginia- My pick Florida State
5]Virginia Tech at NC State-My Pick Virginia Tech
6] Kentucky at Ole Miss-My Pick Ole Miss
7]Navy at Air Force-My pick Air Force
8]Tennessee at LSU-My Pick LSU
9] East Carolina at North Carolina -My Pick East Carolina
10] Texas at Oklahoma-My Pick Texas rebounds
11] Georgia Tech at Wake Forest- My Pick GT
12] Georgia at Colorado-My Pick Georgia
13] Florida at Alabama-My Pick Alabama
14] Stanford at Oregon-My Pick Oregon
15] Louisiana Tech at Hawaii-My Pick Hawaii
Tie breakers
#1- Will UGA' sAJ Green score 2 td's at Colorado-yes or no? My Pick yes
#2 What color helmets will Oregon wear-white,black,yellow,grey,green? My Pick Green
#3 What Baptist School scores the most points-Baylor or Wake Forest? Baylor [It's the better offense pick not most liberal school pick.]


  1. 1. Kansas
    2. Clemson
    3. Vandy
    4. Florida State
    5. NC State
    6. Kentucky
    7. Air Force
    8. Tennessee
    9. North Carolina
    10. Oklahoma
    11. Georgia Tech
    12. Georgia
    13. Alabama
    14. Oregon
    15. Hawaii


    1. No
    2. Green
    3. Wake Forest

  2. 1. Baylor
    2. Clemson ( still not believing in Miami)
    3. UConn
    4. FSU (but not a blow-out)
    5. NC State (Russell Wilson is for real)
    6. Ole Miss
    7. Navy (water over air)
    8. LSU (but could be closer than most think)
    9. Carolina of the North
    10. Oklahoma
    11. GT
    12. UGA
    13. Bama
    14. Stanford (Riding this pony until it gives out)
    15. Hawaii
    TB #1 - Yes
    TB #2 - Yellow
    TB #3 - Wake (Tech defense is more than subpar)

  3. 1. Baylor (Bears rule, Jayhawks drool)
    2. Miami moons Clemson
    3. Pulling for Vanderbilt, but Connecticut wins
    4. Seminoles over Virginia, pretty easy
    5. Virginia Tech continues its resurgence
    6. Honestly, I think Kentucky might win, but I'm still going wih Ole Miss (I love red, white and blue over merely blue an white).
    7. Air Force sinks Midshipmen
    8. LSU, though I would love to see Tenneessee upset them
    9. Tough call, but I'll pick the decimated Tar Heels
    10. I hope I'm wrong, but Oklahoma
    11. GT engineers a win over the WF liberal deacons
    12. I stopped believing in Georgia last week, but Colorado is really bad. Bulldogs win.
    13. Alabma
    14. Oregon, I guess.
    15. Much to my regret, Hawaii. Would love for the Bulldogs to win.
    TB! -- no
    TB2 -- Green
    TB3 -- WF

  4. Well, I'm a perfect 10-0 in the early games. We'll see how the night games go . . .

  5. Good job Coach Lemke, Hope the Dawgs prove you wrong. I believe your in good shape though. Hawaii La. Tech will be finished in the late AM.