Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Atheist Hate Christianity and The Church-Certainty

Why do atheist along with agnostics and universalist hate Christianity and the church?
Why should we care if atheist hate Christianity and the church?
Do we care enough to share the gospel so the lost can be saved or do we water down and compromise Christianity and the church?
The watering down has gotten some on board who did not know there was an on board as far as certainty in Christ or his holiness.
Oops---We lost another celebrity endorser of Christianity- Ann Rice. She has written some vampire novels that sold some books. This got her on the celebrity Christian circus.
The meanie Christians pretty much state-except for the neo-Christians (liberals)-
they are against the practices the Bible is against.
The vampire author could not have any of that.
You mean it's not the cafeteria plan and we pick and choose what we want?
The bible condemns homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, murder, hate and acknowledgement of no other gods and that Jesus Christ is who He said he is-GOD IN THE FLESH!
The Bible no where tells you to be a Republican it tells you to die to self and pick up your cross and follow Him.
Ann Rice says she believes in Christ. I am sure he is thrilled she has thrown Him a bone.
But she is disdainful and sarcastic about the bride He died for -His church.
O well celebrity comes and go.
Why do atheist hate the church?
Why will agnostics,atheists and universalists and other world religions hate the church and Christianity?
Certainty. If their is certainty then responsibility would follow.
If you profess Christ as Lord in society you will have heard "Who are you to say only Christians go to heaven--God send people to hell-that sin is sin-Christ is the only path to God."
The scriptures clearly declare belief and authority of Christ.
Of course if you are on the cafeteria plan you can leave the authority of scripture off your plate.
But their is a problem.
In John 8:58 Jesus clearly declares Himself THE GREAT I AM.
He is certain.
Believers a.k.a. Christians are sure.
This infuriates those who continue to break the first commandment and have other gods starting with the one in the mirror. Liberals are pro choice in following a King and deny Lordship to Jesus Christ. Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord does not fit into what atheist and agnostics and universalist want-a cafeteria plan.
Don't be hating on what Jesus Christ died for to redeem.
He shed His blood for and is perfecting His church-slower than you probably want but surer to holiness and perfection than those oposed to His bride.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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