Saturday, July 24, 2010

Should We Pray For The Unsaved

My Christian friends are evangelical, some Calvinist, Dispensation, or Wesleyan.
In my preaching through the gospel of John I am in chapter 8 verse 12 where Jesus Christ again declares himself by saying "I am the light of the world;".
So we need to get from the darkness to the light.
John chapter 1 says Jesus is "the Light of men."
John 1:5 says "The Light shines in darkness, and the night (lost people) did not comprehend it."
In John Chapter 3:3 Jesus tells (lost) Nicodemus "Truly,Truly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."
In John 4:10 Jesus tells the (lost) Samaritan women that she should have asked him for "Living Water" so she would never thirst again.
Christians can not make darkness accept night.
We can not cause spiritual birth.
We can not be or give Living Water that satisfies so we never thirst again.
We can not be foolish and pray for predestination in an unbiblical way.
We can not get them to say a prayer that leads to a false conversion.
We give witness to the gospel.
The perfect life of Jesus whose has sins of the elect imputed on Him.
His righteousness is imputed on us.
So through Jesus Christ and His life death, burial and resurrection-and sure fact He will return saves us.
I have studied -gone to school-got the T-shirt -gone to the pastor conferences-and can not fully explain the systematic theology that we strain through who study theology on how we get saved. the grand conclusion though is it is all on Jesus as he initiated and brought the work to completion.
In John 7:37 Jesus Christ says, " All that the Father gives Me will come to me, and the one who comes to me I certainly will not cast out."
Do not hold back- PRAY &WITNESS!!!

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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