Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Election Results- On Earth and Eternally

As we vote in the primaries in Georgia on Tuesday 7/20/10 candidates will make grand promises.
People want to vote for the redeeming candidate. Most candidates really just put forth views that will get their constituents in their district to get to vote for them to get elected.
In our elections-impersonal phone calls are made by machine to induce sincerity by the candidate. [I have had 20 plus robo calls since Sunday]
In Christ's Election Christ send His very Spirit to draw us we can be elect.
In our elections candidates tell you what they may do. They usually plead for another term to keep their promises to get elected.
In Christ's Election He rest at the right hand of the Father after his triumph over the grave as all of His promises have already been kept..
In our election candidates will promise jobs, financial security to get elected.
In Christ election He promises and has delivered forgiveness of sins, peace with God, an eternal home paid by Him already.
If candidates do not get elected they will fall back on another job or personal wealth accumulated.
If your not elected by Christ you are dead in your sins.

Lots of views on election in the Bible-it is very important eternally to be of the elect.
John 6:37 says "All the Father gives me will come to Me, and THE ONE WHO COMES TO ME
Make sure you are elected!!!

In Christ Alone!


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