Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Weak View of God from Just a Human

On the 9Marks blog I was reading an article about a person's "perception" of god. In a Bible study Mark Dever chided a student who gave a long rambling answer about how the student liked to imagine God. Mark Dever corrected the man and said in so many words-you told us a lot about yourself but nothing of the biblical God.
It stuck me my view of God is weak. Glasses will not cure it. Like an infant, as told in a college Sociology class, I can only think of God when I can see interaction between Him and my immediate world. Obviously I do not think He disappears. My selfishness is a symptom of the times. The sickness of a weak view of god results in a childlike high view of self and a non-biblical view of God.
"God Almighty" is used as a curse and not a realization today.
The Creator of Heaven and Earth. he knit me, and all creatures in our mother's womb. He created, is love, a consuming fire, is holy and faithful, and is a compassionate LORD who will judge all with finality. He describes Himself as long suffering and patient. He punishes sin.
Our very destiny and next breath stems from His good will.
He declares hell as punishment who live in lawlessness.
For His "own good pleasure" rewards those "born again" with eternal life. He chose to give me physical birth and for His glory chose to give me and others spiritual birth- for one good reason- not that he was lonely-nothing that we deserved - but by His glory and decree alone!
A Sovereign King created us with none of our input. he choose his own. But can't I reason i deserved it?
No. He gave me the capacity to reason- and could have chose not to.
All glory and power forever and ever.
He is THE Sovereign KING. Who sent His son Jesus Christ to atone for my sins to make me approachable to him in judgement?
Who am I?
Blessed beyond measure because of HIS sovereign good pleasure.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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