Monday, March 22, 2010

Gospel code words added to the gospel

Clarity is something that is lacking in Congress, local politics, relationships and religion.
A typical church will be called something like -"The Oasis".
Liberal or conservative or Baptist or Assembly of God or Conservative Anglican or social justice mainline-It does matter what you declare.
Our church plant Redeemer Baptist will be clear in it's declaration of the gospel.
We define the gospel as the perfect life, death and Resurrection. Christ took the wrath of God poured on Him at the cross intended for sinners. His people who have received grace receive the benefits of his glorious life and are declared righteous by God.
We will believe in things like propitiation and imputed righteousness in the substitutionary atonement.
We will not have life coaching, relational evangelism or teach you how to be a bigger better you.
- you and I are sinners and need a savior. We will strive to preach the gospel.
Concerning the most important thing in the world we will be clear.
Join us for revival at the Gainesville Civic center March 31, April 1&2 at 7:00 p.m.
Join us for our first weekly worship service on Easter Sunday at 10:30.

In Christ Alone!


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