Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jesus Domianates [Weddings, the economy, death, hell, the grave, lives of the redeemed]

This morning in worship we heard from John 2:1-11.
The Bible text talked about the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine.
Many people think this text deals with alcohol, weddings or obeying your mother.
The wedding party was out of water. Mary the mother of Jesus stated they are out of wine.
Jesus, though by his quotes in scripture, seemed reluctant to help.
He told the servants to put water in the water pots. It was more than 120 gallons according to scripture.
The wine was the last served but the best.
Was this passage about alcohol? No, though many have preached about drunkenness in this passage scripture does not indicate that.
Was this passage about weddings? No, though the Bible often uses wedding language.
Was this scripture about honoring your mother? No, though Jesus always cared and honored His mother.
This passage was what all passages are ultimately about they "manifested His glory". [John 2:11]
Football coaches like Alabama's Nick Saban talk about dominating every aspect of football.
Jesus dominates every aspect of life-weddings-the economy-families-death-hell-and the grave-AND THE LIVES OF TH REDEEMED!

He is worthy of worship.

In Christ Alone!


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