Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How You Can Start A New Church

1) No Expositional or Bible text preaching-That's old timey. Lifestyle coaching is hot on TV.
2) No Biblical Theology-Who are you to say you or God has a single interpretation?
3) No exclusive Gospel. Who are you to say that their is only one way to Heaven and peace with God?
4) Conversion-it can mean many things-have an open mind.
5) Why Evangelize and insult people from other cultures?
6) Church membership- Hey easy on this obligation business. People are busy today.
7) Church Discipline- was out with the Puritans, you want to be a Puritan?.
8) Discipleship and growth equals fun programs. Crowds mean good stuff is happening at church.
9) Biblical Church Leadership-We need people that can relate and help us be relevant.
10) Repent-You have just created another social club and service organization.

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