Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Try Jesus" Is A Horrible Evangelism Tactic

People , including me, are very sensitive towards things that get close to them.
We are scared because we get hurt. Confrontation needs to happen and is not always a bad thing.
I think the Army wishes they had confronted the psychiatrist that murdered our Fort Hood soldiers last week. Their are many reasons we all hold back in doing what needs to be done. We do not know the consequences until it is too late.
As I look back I hate to see evidence where I was half hearted in Christian living or witness.
Our actions that lead to spectacular good or bad consequences or indifference can only be done once. Sinners, which is all of us, need the gospel presented to them as what it is. The gospel is what the sinner has to have for forgiveness and peace with God.
We have to check our motives. I have prayed for and pondered boldness in sharing the gospel. We can wait until our influence is gone. Sometimes we can wait on the right time and depend on something called relational evangelism. This is a horrible strategy. What am I afraid of-that I believe what I preach?
People need the gospel. There is not another way. We can not get people to "try Jesus."
We can not keep the moral law. Conversion, death to sin and self and being alive in Christ is not an option. It's humanities one and only glorious hope that God designed for us to be restored to Him. Ch
We must confront people with the gospel. It will be successful by God's decree. How it succeeds depends on Him. We are sinners and Christ through His life, death burial and resurrection saves us and substituted His perfect life for our horrible and despicable sin. Offer Christ as not a life style to try -offer Christ as God's chosen way to have peace with Him!
You try a new gym, snow skiing, tennis, palates[whatever that is], new habits.
With Christ Jesus you die to your old self and sins, you bow and come and submit to King Jesus.

In Christ Alone!


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