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10 questions answered about Redeemer Baptist Church Plant

Redeemer Baptist Church Plant
Fletcher Law Planter/Pastor
PO Box 776 Gainesville GA 770 561 2609
Launch Date April 4TH Easter 2010

10 Questions Answered About Redeemer Baptist Church

1. Why another new church in Gainesville and Hall County?
And what is a church plant?
In the New Testament the Apostles and especially Paul planted new churches. Planting expands the kingdom, helps evangelism through conversion of previously unreached people, and gives more opportunity for other Christians to use their gifts in servant leadership in a new church.
Over 80% of 47,000 people in a five mile radius from the Gainesville Civic Center are not in church and most provoking of all is they do not worship Christ.
A church plant is simply starting a new church for the glory of God through the work of Jesus Christ his exalted only son.

2. What is your church's vision?
And what about your slogan
We are after women and kids also.
Our church vision is to target men. Why? Men often are the hardest to reach. When men are converted to Christ they attend and lead their families and friends to church. Yes, we are looking for bad men because humbled men know they need The Savior.
YES we want and will have active women and kids. Men have to get moving.

3. What does W.E.E are the church mean?
W.E.E is the purpose for the church. Worship the living Lord in His biblical sanctioned way, Edification [Discipleship in building up the believer in biblical maturity] and then they are ready to participate in Evangelism of the lost as their only hope is in Jesus Christ crucified for their sins.
That is what we do. We accomplish this in missions and ministry. This is what separates us from the Rotary Club.

4. What will worship be like?
Bible centered and God honoring. No mimes, Rock or Rap concerts or puppets or I-phone drawings. We will base our worship on the God sanctioned worship as stated in the Bible. The preached word is the center of our worship. Music will be singable and congregation based with God honoring words. We will preach, pray, sing, say, and see (through the Lord's Supper and Baptism) the Bible in God honoring sanctioned worship.

5. What are your sermons inspired from?
THE BIBLE. We have way to little time and way too much Holy Scripture to preach or hear about feelings and being a bigger better you. We will leave that to Dr. Phil and Oprah. We will have expositional preaching which means we will always preach from a Biblical text.

6. What is your evangelism model?
And how do you define the gospel?
Our Evangelism model comes from Jesus. He presented the the law to the rich ruler to show him he needed a Savior [Luke 18:18-23]. Jesus presented the gospel to Zacchaeus as Zacchaeus was humbled from breaking the law and was ready to receive a Savior who is Christ Jesus [Luke 19:1-10]. Jesus to Nicodemus made it crystal clear that in salvation you must be "Born Again" and it is necessary [john 3:1-21-].
THE GOSPEL is simply Christ perfect life placed on us as our sins were placed on Jesus on the cross. We are saved by imputed righteousness in this glorious transaction. We are made right with God by the imputed character of Christ. He took our punishment for breaking God's law. Through Christ alone and His perfect life death and Resurrection we are saved.

7. What are your church plans through this LAUNCH Easter April 4Th 2010?
And what does launch mean?
We will launch or have weekly worship starting on Easter April 4TH 2010. In January 2010 We have weekly Bible Study starting January 5TH Tuesday night focusing on the book of John starting 7:00 PM at Jack Waldrip Reall Estate.
We have worship now the first Sunday of each month [ Jan 3RD, Feb. 7Th, March 7Th], We "Launch " weekly worship starting Easter April 4TH. Launch means we will be a weekly worshipping church starting on Easter April 4Th 2010. We meet for worship at Riverside Chapel Memorial Park/ Funeral Home North 989 Riverside drive located between Green's Grocery and Zaxby's.

8. How will you get the word out in the community about Redeemer Baptist Church?
We plan to have mail outs, radio adds, and Facebook communication. The best way to get the word out is for you to personally invite friends and attend with friends.

9. How can people contact you and the church?
Redeemer Baptist Church, PO Box 776, Gainesville, GA 30501, 770 561 2609

10. Where do y'all meet?
Worship is held at Riverside Chapel Memorial Park/North across from Little Italy and next to Zaxby's on Riverside Drive.
bible Study meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30 at Jack Waldrip Real Estate at 200 West Academy Street next to the library in Gainesville.

Our name is Redeemer because "Christ Redeemed us from the curse of the law" [Galatians 3:13] We are Baptist by theology as we cherish the truth of scripture, salvation in Christ alone, baptism of believers, congregational leadership, local church autonomy and the security of believer's salvation in Christ Jesus.

In Christ Alone!

Fletcher Law

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