Monday, September 14, 2009

The Problem with God: Men Measure Jehovah and find Him Lacking

As a church planter I am constantly amazed when people, especially men, turn from God as if a better flavor Deity will come up that will serve them better.
Their is a book entitled "Why Men Hate Going To Church".
Some of the reasons listed for men not wanting to go to church are
-Church does not relate to manly men.
-The church does not live up to the idol of what is RELEVANT to sinful man.
-Church is too feminized. We have mostly male pastors. But women run most churches.
-Thermostat. The worship, music, sermons are set to women. [Probably because in most churches women are the largest in number.]

God seeks man. Sinful man does not seek God

Men hear about a friend called Jesus that will be their life coach, pilot or is it co-pilot
and the bestest buddy they could ever want. We can get that from Dr. Phil. Sinful man can take or leave that.

The Bible speaks about our identity and God's.

Then the Bible says we are sinners [Romans 3:23].
And James 4:4 says we are enemies of God.
So God does not see himself as a bestest buddy who can be treated any way
and then be snapped at for reconciliation.

God does not see himself as a partner but as King.
God says he is love. [[1 john4:16]
God says He is a consuming fire. [Deuteronomy 4:24]
God has the audacity to be jealous. [Exodus 20:5]
And God says he is Holy. [Leviticus 19:2].
King David rightly declared there is no one else like the LORD.
God declares himself King not buddy. He demands to be worshipped as such.
It's true the president can be friends with his barber but the president is still the president.
The president might be the barbers friend but he will not ask the barber for permission to run the country.

Men have an identity problem. They can not see that they are sinners. The first commandment is broken most. Many men's god is in their mirror.
Men also have an identifier problem in that they do not see God as the Sovereign King of the universe whose blessings given and withheld control their life.
Men abhor the laws of this king.
The king who holds the keys to life and salvation is deemed unworthy by sinful man.

God Almighty unbelievably seeks us!
Moses approached the Lord in Exodus 3 as the Lord appeared as a burning bush.
The Lord commanded Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground.
I think the Lord put Moses feet in the dirt a the presence of the Lord as the Lord was a fire.
Man came from dirt. The Lord was in a fire that would not ever be extinguished.
Moses could not approach God in the fire but God has approached man.

We can not go to Mount Horab to see the fire or Mount Sinai..
We can approach Mount Calvary where Jesus Christ took on our sin and paid for our sins
by taking our punishment with his death on the cross. We can receive the results of Jesus Christ righteousness as we receive the blessings of Christ as his perfect life is ceded to us. We are made right with God and receive salvation and eternal life.
That is relevant. That is worthy of worship. that's our king.
He has always declared himself relevant.
He declared it forever at Calvary.

In Christ Alone!


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