Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bible Study First Topic -Why Church?

Why Church? Will be answered at the Bible study starting next Sunday Night, September 13th,
6:30 PM at Jack Waldrip Real Estate located on 200West Academy Street in downtown Gainesville Georgia next to the library. This is the first of our weekly bible studies starting this week.

Why Church?
Jesus thought it was important as He went to church [synagogue] as was His habit the scripture records.
God commands it, DEMANDS it, and changes his people in it.
You will not hear pop psychology or therapy.
No free I-pod drawing.
What changes people is the word of God.
We will have great fellowship, come casual and maybe go out afterwards.
We will not waste your time .
This is a Bible study that through God's revealed Word can change your life, family and eternity.

In Christ Alone!


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