Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Another New Church?

Redeemer Baptist Church Information Meeting
Wednesday Night August 26Th
7:30 PM
Jack Waldrip Real Estate Office
200 West Academy Street in Gainesville next to the library.

Why another new church?
We are in the plans to start a new church for the unchurched and especially target unchurched men. Why men? Women will go to church. Men stop people from going to church.
But a changed man changes his life and the life of others around him.

But how do you get the unchurched into church?
A friend of mine said it's like trying to build a car for people that do not drive.
The plan is simple but hard. Show them Jesus in friendship, in worship and life and witness of the Word with words. It's simple but hard to do. So then the plan of the church is to do it together.

We will have an Information meeting this week. We will share plans on a soon to happen Bible study and we will not waste any one's time. Everyone, especially men hate wasted time.
We will maximize our time with a casual but serious Bible study on the what, who,why, when and how of salvation. Our Bible time is to precious to spend on trivial stuff.
Join us. Salvation is essential. You knowing about it is essential for you, family and friends.

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