Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never Say Never Again, CHURCH PLANTING blog#2

Yes, when I was a young pastor I once said "I'm not sure we need any more churches." I Never should have said that.

'Never Say Never Again' is of course a James Bond movie title. That movie title reminds me of the words I am eating. I have no similarities to the cool James Bond except my uncle Hunky gave me a James Bond Aston Martin DB5 car model from the movie Goldfinger for Christmas long ago. It had an ejector seat, bullet proof rear windshield glass and these spears that came out of the axle to cut the tires of other spy cars, along with hidden pop out machine guns, like on a fighter pilot's plane.

As many of you know I am working on a church plant [start]. Church planting is a ministry many churches, individuals and Christian ministries are participating in through out the world.

Mike Taylor, a church plant specialist with the Chattahoochee Baptist Association, has talked with me over the last two years. I answered the call to plant a church this summer. This is an unfunded project. If the LORD breathes life in this church He will have ways to give it life.

My vision is simple. Start a church for unchurched people in Gainesville. We will specifically target unchurched men, and also women. I am especially working in recruiting men because of the crisis in male participation in the life of most churches. The struggling church often suffers because of no leadership from men in church and the home. The mom and kids will try to attend. They will many times stop attending in frustration due to the lack of male leadership.

Why church plants?

Many people will join a group of friends with similar backgrounds. We are going after men, along with women kids and adults of all ages; but again we are targeting unchurched men. I feel and am convinced by many with experience that a church plant is a great way to evangelize and disciple those who have lived outside of salvation and the church. I feel strongly called to this church in the forming stage called Redeemer Baptist Church.

Please pray that we will always pursue God's will and worship and serve under biblical authority.

Please join in with us or share with me people this church could benefit.

Our first Information meeting is on Sunday August 16th at the Jack Waldrip Real Estate office on 200 West Academy Street a 6:00 p.m. We will be in casual dress socialize and have a short [8 minute] meeting. Future plans of worship will be discussed. You will learn how you can support us and participate to serve with us if you feel led. Friends who are active in your church please attend anyway. You can learn and share with people what you know about this ministry that could change their life, eternity and family.

In Christ Alone,

Fletcher Law

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